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Welcome to diaspora.social Part of the diaspora* federated network The online social world where you are in contro At the same time, it retained all of its social networking capabilities. A lot of Diaspora's userbase gave feedback about Makr. Some liked it, some didn't get it, and everybody else got pretty. Kenya Diaspora News Media - Kenyan Diaspora News Updates. FEATURED STORIES. EDITORIAL / OTHER NEWS. Church Hill Show. LIVE TV: Lives Stream - Nairobi, Kenya. CLASSIFIEDS ADS. Justice Sankale ole Kantai arrested allegedly over Cohen's murder probe. Diaspora Messenger Feb 21, 2020 0. Justice Sankale ole Kantai arrested allegedly over Cohen's.

Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected based websites featuring a decentralised identity, communications, and permissions framework built using... Africa and the African Diaspora For profits business works with non profit causes Your Social Purpose Enterprise: The Next Chapter Diaspora Social Impact Africans and Diaspora Socially Responsible Business Socially Conscious Enterprise African Diaspora African Professionals Social Entrepreneurship Social Innovation Professional Networking. Diaspora has a pleasantly intuitive interface and supports cross-posting to other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, their decentralization means that app development has been slow, which is a downside for mobile users

Istilah diaspora (bahasa Yunani kuno: διασπορά, penyebaran atau penaburan benih) digunakan (tanpa huruf besar) untuk merujuk kepada bangsa atau penduduk etnis manapun yang terpaksa atau terdorong untuk meninggalkan tanah air etnis tradisional mereka; penyebaran mereka di berbagai bagian lain dunia, dan perkembangan yang dihasilkan karena penyebaran dan budaya mereka Social network integration. Use diaspora* as your home base to post to your profiles on other major social services. This way your friends will still be able to keep in touch with what you're up to, even if they're not yet on diaspora*. diaspora* currently supports cross-posting to your Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress accounts, with more to come The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant.Diaspora is a federated social networking service, designed to be a more privacy-aware alternative to Facebook . Share what you want, with whom you want.

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The 9th Uganda Diaspora Social Networking Gala and Business Breakfast will be held at Kampala Serena Hotel - Katonga Hall on Friday December 27th starting from 9am. The breakfast will be moderated by Veteran NBS anchor Mr. Solomon Serwanjja and our assisted by our patron Dr. Maggie Kigozi The Diaspora Pavilion exhibition, curated by David Bailey and Jessica Taylor, was conceived as a challenge to the prevalence of national pavilions within the structure of an international biennale and takes its form from the coming-together of nineteen artists whose practices in many ways expand, complicate and even destabilise diaspora as term, whilst highlighting the continued relevance that. 1. A dispersion of people from their homeland. 2. A local metal band from Atlanta Georgia

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  1. The word “diaspora” refers to the dispersal of seeds (or people) over a wide area. That’s why our motif is the dandelion, and the asterisk in our name represents a fluffy dandelion seed. We refer to individual accounts on diaspora* as “seeds,” and the servers in which those accounts are collected as “pods.” You’ll get used to it soon!
  2. This shows the version of the Diaspora software which the pod is running. Those running the latest stable version are shown in green; those running older versions are shown in red. Also shown in red are pods running development code, which is newer than the latest stable release but is not as stable, so is only really suitable for people who want to help test Diaspora's software.
  3. Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on hello@alternativeto.net, in our discussion forums, in our Discord channel or tweet us at @AlternativeTo
  4. You can see the pods listed according to any of the columns: pod name, software version, uptime, months online, user rating and location. To change the order they are shown in, click in the header of the column you want them to be ordered by. To reverse the order, click in the header again.
  5. Moreover, this also means that you won’t know much people on Diaspora in real life. Then, the way you publish is not really one of a social network, publishing stuff about yourself and your holidays and so on, so that your friends may be aware. It is much more like Twitter or a blog, and, personally, I prefer having a blog :)
  6. ulosti také DIASPORA*) je nezisková, uživateli vlastněná, distribuovaná sociální síť založená na svobodném softwaru Diaspora.Diaspora se skládá ze skupiny nezávisle vlastněných uzlů (nazývaných lusky), které dohromady tvoří společnou síť.K březnu 2014 existovalo na síti diaspora* více než 1 milion účtů
  7. You will always sign in to diaspora* on the same pod with which you first registered. From your pod you can connect to the whole network and your experience of diaspora* should be more or less the same no matter which pod you are connecting from. You will not be able to sign in to another pod, but there is no need for you to do this anyway.

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Diaspora is a federated social networking service, designed to be a more privacy-aware alternative... over 5 years ago Islamic State fighters are moving to the decentralized Diaspora social network in an attempt to spread their extremist propaganda

The Diaspora is of strategic importance to Jamaica in its quest for sustainable development. Jamaica is committed to building, strengthening and mobilizing sustainable networks of Diaspora members and Friends of Jamaica and their resources for maximizing their contributions to the economic growth and social development of Jamaica, and increase. If you have the technical expertise to do it, you can host your data yourself by setting up your own pod, either using a computer you own as a server or using a server provided by a hosting company. In this way, you know exactly who has control of your data – yourself. You can either set up a pod just for yourself, or open up your pod to other community members. See our installation guides for your OS. The default view shows the results as a table; however, if you prefer, you can see the pods displayed on a map. Click 'Show Map View' in the top right to see this view. Well, the software is under heavy dev, but they are not moving really fast, or at least it does not reflect in the user experience. Six months later, there are still the same basic annoying bugs in the user interface : on posting, the post form is reseted, even if the posting failed due to network loss (and then it is just a pity to post things in a train or in the countryside), the interface uses Bootstrap but lacks responsiveness and some menus are still hidden due to poor CSS in mobile mode, … Personal network with no central authority or ownership. Keep in contact with people you care about. Connecting free and independent communities across the web. Feature-rich social platform. Create channels with a decentralized nomadic identity. Social networking back in your hands. Find your perfect community. Take control of your content

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Welcome to our “Getting started” guide. If you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve probably either just signed up to diaspora* or you’re thinking of doing so. In this series of tutorials we’ll walk you through the sign-up process and get you acquainted with the basics of how diaspora* works. We hope you find it useful, and that you enjoy using diaspora*! Diaspora is a decentralised network with data stored on many private servers which cannot be controlled by any single administrator. IS is believed to have switched to Diaspora after Twitter upped. We are a free and open-source platform to launch your digital brand, social network and mobile app. We are also a social network ourselves. It is a global social network...

All social media networks have at one point or another been used for nefarious purposes. It doesn't effect other users on the network. - Ahunt 14:32, 11 November 2015 (UTC) External links modified. Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just modified one external link on Diaspora (social network). Please take a moment to review my edit Define Diaspora. Diaspora synonyms, Diaspora pronunciation, Diaspora translation, English dictionary definition of Diaspora. n. 1. The dispersion of Jews outside of Israel from the sixth century bc, when they were exiled to Babylonia, until the present time. Diaspora Knowledge Network; Diaspora Togolaise en France; Diaspora Vote Action. The Federation collects detailed statistics via the opt-in statistics feature that is built into diaspora.


A diaspora is a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since moved out to places all over the world. Dictionary Meaning : The dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language. Unlike most social networking sites, which have a central hub of computers which store everyone’s data, we can’t give you one specific link and say: “Sign up here.” diaspora* is different from those networks in that it is decentralized, with many different points of access. Before getting started, you’ll have to decide which of these points, or nodes, you want to use to access the diaspora* network. We call these nodes “pods.”Yep, there is truly nobody. I knew some friends using it, in advance, and I was not really alone. But there is not much people using it, and they are mostly geeks and tech users. Moreover, there is no way to communicate easily from Diaspora to other social networks (contrary to what the IndieWebCamp is trying to do). This means you have Facebook or whatever social network your friends use to communicate with them, and Diaspora for your geek friends. That is not very practical at all. Diaspora is community run. It feels great to be part of decision making and ideas. To see things grow and evolve. I've made many good friends there in the past three years I've been there and I am thankful for the option to be registered at a social network where I am not the product being sold, like FB, G+ , Ello and all the others

Diaspora (stylized as diaspora*) is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network.It consists of a group of independently owned nodes (called pods) which interoperate to form the network.The social network is not owned by any one person or entity, keeping it from being subject to corporate take-overs or advertising When you click the sign-up link you will be presented with a page on which you need to enter a user name, e-mail address and password. Think carefully when choosing your user name as you won’t be able to change it once it’s been created

Some must-have features are also still heavily discussed and not ready to be implemented. Such things include a realtime chat, either based on XMPP or WebRTC. People heavily use the Facebook chat, people discuss on Twitter, they also want to discuss in Diaspora. The private messages are highly unpractical, and there is no built-in chat, which is a real lack in my opinion. The first real Kickstarter success story, Diaspora, was a new social network born out of frustration with Facebook's privacy policies. It surpassed its modest funding goal of $10,000, eventually. Consumium free social media currently offers 2 ad-free, behavioral data mining free and cost-free alternatives for you to choose from:. diaspora* is a free software and free social media network consisting of independent pods provided by various freesoftware and free social media activists, individual and organizations. It is designed specifically with consumer safety and uses SSL/TLS. Diaspora, a widely anticipated social network site built on open-source code, has cracked open its doors for business today, at least for a handful of invited participants. Every week, we'll.

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  1. Diaspora Social Network Co-Founder Dies At Age 22 Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the 22-year-old co-founder of privacy-focused social network Diaspora, has died in San Francisco
  2. diaspora*, the privacy-aware, decentralized social network which puts users in control of their data security and was touted by the media as a Facebook killer, celebrates its first anniversary as a community-run project on 27 August
  3. Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 280-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read...

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Four idealistic students at New York University have raised $200,000 to fund a project building a more privacy-centric social network. Diaspora isn't likely to take Facebook down just yet, but. cal and social structures of the modern world. The International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), established in 1976, has served as a forum for network analysts in the social and medical sciences for more than two decades.6 INSNA's journal, Social Networks, was founded in 1978 to disseminate a growing body of network research

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Global Diaspora Social Network Ltd has a unique business model that can bring the Diaspora business under one roof. Technology Read More. Consulting Read More. Startup Read More. Investment Read More. Entertainment Read More. Ireland (Registered Office) Global Diaspora Social Network 72 Chambers Park Kilcock, Ireland Mob : 00353863075059 AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. diaspora is the online social world where you are in control More generally, most of the people that adopted Diaspora after Cyrille Borne have now gone, or do not use it regularly. There might be some reasons. Some of them just quit, others tried other social networks, to see how it looks like, especially Movim which has the advantage of being built around standard XMPP, extending it and trying to push a reasonable spec each time it is needed. I am not really confident for the future of Diaspora, and do not want to maintain something I do not use (with all the security risks, time consumption etc) on my server, so I decided to definitely quit Diaspora. For me, it failed in defending its principles, and my experience from the last two days shows me that it is not much better than centralized silos on some points, which are precisely the points more closely related to my ideas and principles. Moreover, developing for Diaspora means developing a niche software for a few (hundreds ?) of persons. If it takes so much time to get just basic behaviours, in my opinion, it is not worth the cost. Then, why would one run his own instance, if it does not carry much more good stuff than using a silo?

Diaspora was added by blaha in Jan 2011 and the latest update was made in Oct 2019. The list of alternatives was updated May 2020. It's possible to update the information on Diaspora or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. Ruby 21 75 14 1 Updated Oct 30, 2019 diaspora-project-site Code for the Diaspora project site. Diaspora makes sharing clean and easy – and this goes for privacy too. Inherently private, Diaspora doesn’t make you wade through pages of settings and options just to keep your profile secure. More Info »

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A client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*. It adds useful features to your networking experience: ⚡ Quick access to most diaspora* features Customize everything to own preferences Share content from and to the app Proxy support (Tor/Orbot supported) In-app-browser to view article Diaspora is a free and open-source social network that bills itself as a FOSS alternative to Facebook and Google Groups, etc. Naturally it tends to attract Linux users who appreciate free and open source. It does have some pretty cool features that Facebook doesn't offer, and it supposedly respects the users' privacy and all that stuff

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To help you choose which pod is best for you, have a look at our guide to choosing a pod to help you. You're probably used to having no choice over where your data are stored when you sign up to a new social network, so it's likely you've never had to think about this before. Don't worry -- all pods connect to the same Diaspora network, and once you sign up you'll be communicating and sharing with users across all pods, not just users in your. diaspora* social network has 9 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub

This shows the pod's domain name. You can see whether the pod offers secure communication by whether or not it starts with https://. Pods which do offer secure communication are displayed in green; those which don't are displayed in red. Another point is that Diaspora is built around Ruby on Rails, which is just a real pity to install on your own server. If you have a shared host, you just cannot run it. If you have your own server, you will have some fun installing the right Ruby version on your Debian stable and installing everything… Docker images can improve it a bit, but that is definitely not a software written in a way to be widely spread and that each one runs his pod (as we saw with the federation problem). This is a bit contrary to the marketed things… As it is written in Ruby (contrary to most opensource and decentralized stuff like Wordpress), not much people can contribute. I personally do not speak Ruby, and cannot modify the software much. This is even more a problem when the community is assuming you know Ruby… Today, Diaspora is an active social network with a small, dedicated following, not yet open to the public. But now the founders must persuade people—beyond privacy purists—to use their product

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  1. A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network. - diaspora/diaspora
  2. diaspora* API documentation. diaspora* aims to offer a sophisticated API for most social networking applications. Because of our decentralized nature, some things might be a little bit different than most other API implementations, especially regarding authentication
  3. Diaspora* main strength over Minds.com is that Diaspora* is really fully decentralized (distributed and federated). Compare to Minds which is NOT yet fully decentralized. Open source code is not to...
  4. ate the web.Diaspora - 'the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network,' as described on their Kickstarter page - offered what seemed like the perfect antidote to Zuckerbergian tyranny
  5. e what is visible to friends and family, and what can be seen publicly
  6. ute to fill out your profile. On the screen you’re taken to, click your name or avatar at the right-hand end of the black header bar, and select Profile from the list which drops down. Then click the blue Edit my profile button in the top right corner.

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  1. Although Diaspora has been designed as an alternative to commercial social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has been complimentary of the project and donated to.
  2. diaspora is a distributed social networking platform comprised of nodes, called pods.These pods are linked together to allow users to connect seamlessly. This idea is different from the traditional social network, where user data is centralized and controlled by a single entity. diaspora is also free as in speech, so you can use it however you like. diaspora* also values your privacy
  3. With all the bad press surrounding Facebook this past year, a lot of us are looking for a good alternative. That's the need the new, open-source, user-controlled social network Diaspora aims to fill
  4. @Ilya Zhitomirskiy was born 30 years ago in USSR. Ilya. At NYU, he studied computer science at The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, where he met the three friends with whom he founded DIASPORA*, a social networking service, in 2010.The project was conceived after the founders had attended a lecture by Columbia Law School professor and free software activist Eben Moglen in February.
  5. e the cause of death
  6. Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Decentralized Support for ActivityPub OpenID Provider Wide API Support ... Ad-free Anticensorship Calendar integration Categories Distributed Federated Free Speech Group chat Included wiki Privacy focused Privacy Protected Publishing Social network Add a feature
  7. Coordination of Diaspora Finance Initiative network coalition that will support research to improve international policy responses; Impact 4: African diaspora funds, skills and philanthropy mobilised and channelled to support the development of social economy in Africa. A Diaspora Bond facilitating investments in Rwanda

Context Diaspora groups are not only often the first to respond, but that their political, social, cultural and human capital coupled with their in-depth knowledge of the country, and familiarity with local languages, social, cultural, and religious norms, can lead to more targeted and tailor responses. This was recognized by the humanitarian community at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. During the registration process your seed will probably be connected automatically to one other seed. This will usually be our diaspora* HQ seed, but it may be a seed run by your pod’s admin. This is so we can keep you up to date with important announcements about diaspora*. If, however, you prefer not to follow this seed, you can easily remove it from your contacts list. We’ll cover how to do this in Part 4. The main action instrument of the Portuguese Diaspora Council is the 'World Portuguese Network' that involves an extended group of Portuguese of proven influence who keep most of their activity abroad and have distinguished themselves in their field of expertise, namely Culture, Citizenship, Science and Economics

To make people come from Facebook and not only have a geek public, they should improve this user experience part, and focus on easy connectivity with other such services (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for instance). That is what are doing people from the IndieWebCamp, Known and Bridgy, and in fact, after discussing with some non-tech friends, they are much more interested in these softwares than in Diaspora. The The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Washington D.C. is encouraging Kenyans in the USA to join together and form Diaspora Advisory Councils in their respective regions/states. Click for more details. Kenya Professional Organizations. Business & Community Development. SEED GROUP - MEDIA. RNW Law Firm LLC Nextcloud Social is a new app in alpha testing! It is currently developing deeper ActivityPub inegration so you can connect with other federated social networks: Hubzilla, Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, PixelFed. Diaspora* protocol will add support for SocialHome and others! This kind of integration has been discussed many times

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Diaspora lets you sort your connections into groups called aspects. Unique to Diaspora, aspects ensure that your photos, stories and jokes are shared only with the people you intend. Diaspora, a homegrown, open-source project, is trying to answer that need with a social network that combines Facebook's features with the users, instead of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in charge You’re all set to start using diaspora*! Click the pod name or Stream in the top left of the screen to start.Most of this reflexion was triggered when I discovered other attempts to decentralize stuff. At least recent attempts to do so. They are not counting on their users to move definitely to their software, or use it with a side software to communicate with their friends, but try to offer an interface to post data to all the networks and get backfeeds. Since Status.net, everyone saw that the old way is not working and now try to build stuff interacting with the rest of the ecosystem, using standard protocols whenever possible and APIs if no other solution is available. Diaspora: The open social network Question asked by Prasad Ajinkya in #Coffee Room on May 27, 2010 Feed Ask New Question . Prasad Ajinkya · May 27, 2010. Rank B1 - LEADER

Free Windows Web Android iPhone Blackberry ... Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad KaiOS Automated speed adjustments Events IFTTT integration Integrated Chat ... Photo Sharing Social network Communities Data Harvesting Group Messaging Add a feature Ilya Zhitomirskiy, co-founder of a new social network service called Diaspora, has died in San Francisco at the age of 22.. His death was a possible suicide, said Officer Albie Esparza of. Free Open Source Linux BSD Self-Hosted PHP Federated Commodity hosting support Community events Decentralized ... Diaspora integration FLOSS Group Messaging Privacy focused Rsvp Twitter integration Distributed Events Group collaboration Php Social network Add a feature diaspora* is the online social world where you are in control

Most of the profile information fields are self-explanatory. NSFW stands for “not safe for work.” We’ll cover this in more detail in Part 7, so don’t worry about it now. Part of the diaspora* federated network The online social world where you are in control. Username Password diaspora*'s aspects allow you to share with just those people you want to. You can be as public or as private as you like. Share a funny photo with the whole world, or a deep secret just with your closest friends..

Diaspora promotes decentralization and is open-source, so I was expecting it would be much easier than with silos… I had no idea of what I was wanting to do (cf this issue on Bridgy for the results of my research) =( A client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*. It adds useful features to your networking experience: Quick access to most diaspora* features Customize everything to own preferences Share content from and to the app Proxy support (Tor/Orbot supported) In-app-browser to view articles Dark/AMOLED mode available Available in many languages #️⃣Browse tags and aspects Use.

August 27th marks five years since diaspora*, the open, privacy-oriented social network, was placed into the hands of its community by its founders. One year ago the community released diaspora* version 0.6, the result of a huge effort of refactoring the old code to make it perform better, as well as redesigning diaspora*'s interface and. Unlike most social networking sites, which have a central hub of computers which store everyone's data, we can't give you one specific link and say: Sign up here. diaspora* is different from those networks in that it is decentralized, with many different points of access. Before getting started, you'll have to decide which of these. Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Decentralized Federated Content warnings Support for ActivityPub ... Ad-free Fediverse Community based Delete and re-draft Federated Cloud Pinnable topics Privacy-friendly Privacy settings Security & Privacy Trigger warning Support for ActivityPub Autopause gifs Communities Decentralisation Distributed Free Speech IFTTT integration Open API Server Moderation Social network Two factor authentication Add a feature Africa Diaspora Network Global remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) grew by 10% to $46B in 2018 (the last year for which we have complete data from the World Bank)

The original Kickstarter darling Diaspora was born out of people's frustration with Facebook's privacy policies. But the creators of the decentralized social network quickly discovered the. Free online social media and network service connecting people with friends, family, classmates and more. Free Windows Web Android iPhone Blackberry ... Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Kindle Fire Threaded Conversations Hashtags IFTTT integration Private messaging ... Progressive Web App Real-time Trends Minimalistic UI Social network Add a feature

This includes creating economic and social linkages, accelerating structural reforms and providing incentives. It has also been established that country ownership of diaspora strategies and strong ties with the diaspora, underlined by a shared vision, helps commit the diaspora and government to act synergistically "Users [...] create an account on any existing pod of their choice, and from that pod can interact with other users on all other pods" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diaspora_ (social_network) Diaspora is a federated social networking service, designed to be a more privacy-aware alternative to Facebook. Share what you want, with whom you want. Diaspora lets you sort your connections into groups called aspects. Unique to Diaspora, aspects ensure that your photos, stories and jokes are shared only with the people you intend Diaspora. Diaspora is also in the mix when it comes to Facebook alternatives. Diaspora is a decentralized social network that is nonprofit and runs on free Diaspora software. The software is in the form of a free personal web server. As I just mentioned, Diaspora is decentralized which means no one person owns it Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of four cofounders of upstart open-source social network Diaspora, died Nov.12 at 22-years-old. Zhitomirskiy committed suicide, a source close to the company confirmed. The San Francisco Police Department reported that officers responded around 8:10 p.m. Saturday

There are many possible factors you could consider when choosing a pod, but here are the typical things you want to consider as a newcomer: Diaspora Social Network: Little Hope for Facebook Rival. Diaspora, the new alternative social network, has great ideas, but most people will stay on Facebook

Mastodon is a decentralized microblogging engine. FEATURES - Free and open-source. - Decentralized, no worries about a single company controlling your... Support for ActivityPub Decentralized Distributed Encrypted Connection Federated Fediverse MarkDown support Privacy focused Privacy-friendly Privacy Protected Ruby Self-hosted in intranet or private cloud Social network Add a feature Diaspora, not Ello, is the new Facebook What if a social network's purpose were actually social networking instead of making money? Mar 1, 2020, 8:19 pm Pod Uptime is a live list of open pods in the Diaspora network. It gets its results by regularly communicating with each pod and displaying the results.

Free, Open Source, Web-Centric, Self-Hosted, Ruby, with an active and engaged user/developer community. Diaspora* main strength over Minds.com is that Diaspora* is really fully decentralized (distributed and federated). Compare to Minds which is NOT yet fully decentralized. I found this social network very interesting, I like its audience, it is at the reach of all, it is a real alternative to facebook and co but opensourc diaspora A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network. Social Networking Find your favorite application in our catalog and launch it. Learn more about the benefits of the Bitnami Application Catalog. Home; Applications; Social Networking. Diaspora. Social Networking,Ruby on Rails,Apache,MySQL,Redis,diaspora 3.6 Social Networking. eXo Platform

We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understan Diaspora with a capital D, to be more specific. Or as the project describes itself, the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, distributed, free, social network. Open source social networking. That's the goal. Diaspora functions differently from the bottom. It runs more like a peer-to-peer network CSS 5 2 11 1 Updated Feb 12, 2020 diaspora_federation A library that provides functionalities needed for the diaspora* federation protocol. I tried Diaspora for the last six months or so. I was seeing it as a real potential alternative to Facebook and other social networks. At the time, it was one of the most advanced decentralized social networks I knew about, and there were many people trying it, after some articles from Cyrille Borne.I have never really been fond of social networks, but was thinking this decentralized network. First, I went to their wiki, and tried to find some infos. Most of their wiki is either outdated (describing APIs which were removed in past commits) or too futuristic (describing things that are not and have not been implemented in the last six months)… Finally, I found two solutions:

The Federation, or as often called the Fediverse, refers to a global social network composed of nodes that talk to each other. Each of them is an installation of software which supports one of the federated social web protocols. diaspora* 177 739,974 diasporafoundation.org AGPLv3 Friendica 161 4,550 friendi.ca AGPLv3 PixelFed 128. Faceafrika: Social networking site dedicated for Africa and Africans Diaspora. Registered in Ghana. Registered in Ghana. Eskimi : Lithuanian-based mobile flirt site which reports 2.2 million users in Nigeria and over 250 000 users each in Ghana, South Africa,Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe Compare Mastodon and diaspora*'s popularity and activity. Categories: Communication systems and Social Networks and Forums. Mastodon is more popular than diaspora* The sociospatial perspective of diaspora positionality builds on but reimagines the Bourdieusian transnational social field and his relational approach focusing on practices.Such occur with a certain arbitrariness that does not reproduce oppositions between reason and emotion and strategy as conscious and unconscious and spontaneous acts (Bigo 2011, 228) There are also a number of open pods which aren't shown on the main list, as they have too many issues of one sort or another. You can see these if you want to by clicking the 'Hidden' link at the very bottom of the page.

It is a mark of the company's dominance of the social media landscape - Facebook has 2.13 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp 1.5 billion and Instagram 800 million - that finding a single. Finally, the only two answers I got were ”read the wiki” (hmm…) and “use this gem which handles Diaspora federation” (but problem is I do not know Ruby, am coding in either PHP or Python, and the gem is highly not documented, especially about what it really implements). I feel like I spent two days looking for doc on this point, and got virtually no info and support from the community. This is definitely something that is not interesting them, in my opinion, and I am not really willing to spend hours trying to understand something just for a small use I may have. After all, if backfeeds do not work, I do not care much about it… CSS CC-BY-SA-4.0 10 12 10 0 Updated Mar 21, 2020 north-star diaspora*s project site, blog, FAQ, install guides, and other goodies. The openness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic and consular network abroad, towards the Serbian diaspora and Serbs living in the region reflects the readiness of the Republic of Serbia as a state to actively undertake to protect the interests and the rights of its nationals and emigrants living in foreign countries, as well. VK is a social network that unites people all over the world and helps them communicate comfortably and promptly.

Diaspora is a privacy-aware, open source social network. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up and configure a Diaspora pod on Debian 9 diaspora* is a decentralized social network, consisting of many individual servers, called pods. joindiaspora.com is only one server out of many and neither affiliated with nor supported by the project team. Please check out the official project website on diasporafoundation.org for more information about the project itself, as well as a list. Welcome to the official diaspora* wiki! Looking for information about diaspora*? This is the official community-maintained repository of information and documentation, with a particular emphasis on developer resources. Information is regularly updated to signify changes in things like code implementation and design A powerful plugin that takes your WordPress.org powered site beyond the blog with social-network features like user profiles, activity streams, user groups, and more. Satellity 4.0 8.7 diaspora* VS Satellit The official™ subreddit of the decentralized, open source social network, diaspora*. Check here for user support and project-related questions. created by dpollen a community for 9 year

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diasporafoundation.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Joining Diaspora - Why to join and how to get started. I've wanted to do a video about Diaspora* for some time now. federated social network that works with GNU Social - Duration: 7:41.

Diaspora is an open-source and distributed community of social networks run by users that enables you to own your own personal data, control with whom you share, and discover cool stuff throughout. Diaspora is a decentralised network with data stored on many private servers which cannot be controlled by any single administrator. IS is believed to have switched to Diaspora after Twitter upped. You should now be presented with a “Getting started” page. You don’t have to fill out any of the information on this page, but it will help you start to making connections with other people if you do. diaspora*'s aspects allow you to share with just those people you want to. You can be as public or as private as you like. Share a funny photo with the whole world, or a deep secret just with your closest friends Diaspora social network. Mivasocial Diaspora . The largest African Social Media Platform - Connect with your country, your diaspora or Afric

If you want to meet and be welcomed by the diaspora* community and are feeling confident enough, make a public post now to introduce yourself and include the #newhere tag. Making public posts containing tags is a great way to make new friends on diaspora*. If you’re not sure about doing this now, don’t worry – we’ll take you through your first post step by step in Part 5.This feature is coming very soon! So yes, you will be able to switch to a different pod later. To do so, go to your settings and export your account. You then need to import it in the new server (feature not available yet). Finally, after 6 months of test, I think it is not worth maintaining yet another software on my server, and I am definitely quitting Diaspora. Here is some feedback… GNU social is a continuation of the StatusNet project. It is social communication software for both public and private...

diaspora_federation A library that provides functionalities needed for the diaspora* federation protocol. This shows the country in which the server is based. You can see a more precise location for each pod's server by using the map view. But then, I wanted to get backfeed from Diaspora, as it is the case for Twitter and Facebook using Bridgy. Basically, this means that if anyone is commenting / liking / sharing on Diaspora, I would have a notification in Known and be able to display it under the status message. For usual centralized silos, it is “fairly” easy: they offer a rather complete API, and you just poll regularly the API for changes. In the worst scenariis, you scrap the HTML page, but this is super ugly.

mastodon.social is not accepting new members. Mastodon is a decentralized network! Remember, regardless of server choice you can talk to and follow anyone on Mastodon! Here you can find other trusted Mastodon servers that accept new sign-ups. Discover users Browse a profile directory and filter by interests Federated Network Pod Live Status. Find a Federated Network pod to sign up for, rate pods, find one close to you

Diaspora, populations, such as members of an ethnic or religious group, that originated from the same place but dispersed to different locations.The word diaspora comes from the ancient Greek dia speiro, meaning to sow over.The concept of diaspora has long been used to refer to the Greeks in the Hellenic world and to the Jews after the fall of Jerusalem in the early 6th century bce The outcomes of STEP 2, the self assessment, are the inputs for STEP 3; Start and manage Diaspora (social network) projects with the 62 implementation resources: 62 step-by-step Diaspora (social network) Project Management Form Templates covering over 6000 Diaspora (social network) project requirements and success criteria Free Open Source Web Based on Blockchain Chat Content Filtering Cryptocurrency payment ... Forums Free Speech Messaging Social network Add a feature

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Diaspora (styled DIASPORA*) is a non-profit, user-owned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software.The project was founded in 2010 by four students at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Dan Grippi, Max Salzberg and Raphael Sofaer.Diaspora consists of a group of independently owned pods which interoperate to form. One of the greatest freedoms Diaspora offers you is the freedom to choose where your personal data is stored, by choosing a pod. Each pod has a different domain name, and is managed by different people on different servers in different physical locations. You're probably used to having no choice over where your data are stored when you sign up to a new social network, so it's likely you've never had to think about this before. Don't worry -- all pods connect to the same Diaspora network, and once you sign up you'll be communicating and sharing with users across all pods, not just users in your own pod. It's really just a question of where the content you share will be physically hosted, as a security and privacy concern. There are two parts to your profile: the basic profile, which is public, and the detailed profile, which is private by default. Your public profile is visible to everyone; your private profile is visible only to people you have chosen to share with. You can fill out as much or as little of your profile as you like, and you don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to. If you want everyone to know as much about you as possible, you can make your entire profile public. Ruby 75 21 Why an alternative social network. Three weeks ago I wrote an article about the demise of G+ and I defined four criteria for an alternative social network. Based on these criteria I choose three social networks, Mastodon, MeWe and Diaspora* and signed up on them and promised to write about my experience with these three

To sum up, in the last six months, there have been a bunch of commits and new versions, but nothing really new in the user interface. It might be either that the backend software is way too complicated and requires too much maintenance (which is then a real problem) or that they are not interested in the user interface at all, but that’s really sad. It is even worse when you have to use it to communicate with Diaspora, as we will see next (you do not have any really usable alternative interface right now). The Diaspora social network is constructed of a network of nodes, or pods, hosted by many different individuals and institutions.Each node operates a copy of the Diaspora software acting as a personal web server.Users of the network can host a pod on their own server or create an account on any existing pod of their choice, and from that pod can interact with other users on all other pods Finally, I managed to have a basic Known to Diaspora plugin. Ok, I was able to post to Diaspora, with a really ugly code, but it was working.

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R. Cohen, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001. 5 Future of the Concept. The concept of diaspora has firmly escaped its historical confines in the Jewish experience and at the beginning of the twenty-first century is used in a variety or settings and for a variety of purposes. The enduring logic is that the term conceptually connects home and abroad Freemium $ $ $ Open Source Web Android iPhone Free Speech Anticensorship Encrypted chat Security focused ... Freedom Privacy focused Anticensorship Blogging Content discovery Decentralized Encryption Gamification Podcast Hosting Point System Privacy Protected Share screenshots Secure Chat Security & Privacy Social network Tokenization Add a feature © 2017 - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Free Web Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire Music Player Social Bookmarking Social feed Hosting videos ... Music Library Night mode/Dark Theme Photo Sharing Social network Add a feature

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