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Professor Minerva McGonagall. An example that shows why McGonagall is a strong female character in the series is in the Order of the Phoenix, when she shows that she won't back down to anyone, no matter who they are or what they demand. When Dolores Umbridge assumed control of Hogwarts, it is Professor McGonagall that is the only one who took. de:Minerva McGonagall es:Minerva McGonagall fr:Minerva McGonagall it:Minerva McGranitt pl:Minerwa McGonagall ru:Минерва Макгонагалл nl:Minerva Anderling fi:Minerva McGarmiwa uk:Мінерва Макґонеґел pt:Minerva McGonagall id:Minerva McGonagall "Minerva" was the Roman goddess of warriors, and of wisdom[3]. She is distantly related to William McGonagall, which is where Rowling got the surname from[3]. HARRY POTTER Funko Hero World Series 7, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore & Minerva McGonagall 4-Inch Vinyl Figure 5-Pack 4.8 out of 5 stars 8 $30.89 $ 30 . 8

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  1. Professor Minerva McGonagall, O.M. (First Class), (b. 4 October, 1935) was a half-blood witch, the only daughter of Muggle Robert McGonagall and witch Isobel Ross. She had two younger brothers, Malcolm and Robert Jr. Minerva was a registered Animagus who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1947-1954 and was Sorted into Gryffindor House (but it took the sorting hat 5 ½.
  2. Minerva McGonagall has very strict rules and strong principles but she has a weakness, especially for Harry Potter and his friends. She is the one who gave time-turner device to Hermione Granger so she could attend more classes with going back in time
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Minerva worked in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic for two years after graduation. Dissatisfied with her job at the Ministry, in December 1956, Minerva returned to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this time not to learn but to teach Transfiguration, under the head of department, Albus Dumbledore. She later replaced Dumbledore as Head of Department after he ascended to the position of Headmaster of the school. Professor McGonagall, with Hagrid, Professor Moody, and Professor Flitwick, will patrol the maze's outer perimeter during the Third Task, rescuing anyone who fails the challenges. Minerva graduated Hogwarts and began teaching at the school in December 1956. She proved to be an excellent teacher, strict but fair.

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While we never see her in the battle with the Death Eaters, she is in the Hospital Wing after Dumbledore's death while they figure out what had happened. She is so shocked upon hearing that Dumbledore was killed by Snape, that Madam Pomfrey conjures her a chair. She said that Dumbledore had always said he trusted Snape, for good reason. Harry says that he knows the reason Dumbledore trusted Snape: Snape had carried the prophecy about Harry to Voldemort, and then repented of that to Dumbledore. McGonagall blames herself for sending Professor Flitwick to fetch Snape. The Pottermore article for Professor McGonagall indicates that she was indeed an avid Quidditch player during her school days.. Minerva was also, like her mother, a gifted Quidditch player, although a nasty fall in her final year (a foul during the Gryffindor versus Slytherin game which would decide the Cup winner) left her with concussion, several broken ribs and a lifelong desire to see.

That birth date was calculated from a mix of McGonagall's Pottermore bio and a chapter in the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Chapter 15 revealed that McGonagall began. Professor Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, and Head of Gryffindor house. She was first seen in 4729 Dumbledore's Office but has a new design in 4842 Hogwarts Castle with a fresh color headpiece. The minifigure of McGonagall is basically what she looks like in the movie, it has emerald robes fastened together with a silver clasp at her neck and a green pointed.

Draco Malfoy's taunts combined with an after-the-whistle Bludger from Crabbe result in a brawl after a Quidditch match against Slytherin. Harry and George Weasley are called into McGonagall's office and assigned a week's detention. But Umbridge, appearing with a new Educational Decree, overrules her, and instead imposes a lifetime Quidditch ban on the two boys and confiscates their brooms. Fred Weasley is also banned, even though he was not involved. Umbridge ignores McGonagall's protests that the punishment is out of line. Less than a week later, her parcel arrived for him in the mail, accompanied by a letter[11]. She had personally bought him a Nimbus 2000 and brought it to him, carefully wrapped, in the mail, but demanded that he not open it at the table lest all the students want one[11].

YouTube Premium. Get YouTube without the ads. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please. Minerva had a long history with the Longbottom family, having served in the Order of the Phoenix with Neville's parents (who were eventually tortured into insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange). She also had a personal relationship with Neville's grandmother, who raised him. McGonagall frequently seemed to expect more from Neville than he produced, starting with Neville's first day at Hogwarts when he ran out of a crowd after his toad.[5] When Neville "lost" his scrap of parchment (which was actually stolen by Crookshanks) with Gryffindor's passwords on them, allowing Sirius Black to enter the common room, Minerva was furious with him.[7] Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter made by Musicdudez. Go check out my teams project PotterCraft link is here hPvEo1rgir8 Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Minerva McGonagall, was posted by Vogsid

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  1. However, Minerva's concern for Harry did not blind her to his misdemeanours around the school. Though she often let Harry off for breaking school rules, she only did so only under life-threatening circumstances. Minerva went out of her way to treat all students justly, and took no issue with giving even those of her own House severe punishments, if she thought they deserved it. When Harry and his friends were caught sneaking around the tower in the dead of night during their first year at Hogwarts, Minerva did not hesitate to take 150 points away from Gryffindor despite her House's first-place standing at the time, and additionally to sending him off to serve detention in the Forbidden Forest. It's possible she would have levied an even harsher punishment had she caught them in the act of smuggling Norbert itself.
  2. During the Second Wizarding War when Minerva was attacked by several Ministry employees outside of Hagrid's Hut, Hermione showed deep emotion towards the event, like Minerva did a few years before when Hermione was attacked. Minerva was a role model for Hermione and both had much in common, such as both believing that Divination was a very "woolly" subject, and that Professor Trelawney was a fraud.[7] Furthermore, both had a liking for cats, and both were considered for Ravenclaw but in the end were Sorted into Gryffindor House.
  3. Name = Minerva McGonagall (it is unknown if she has a middle name since one was never disclosed in the books) Date of Birth = October 4, 1935 Mother = Isobel McGonagall (née Ross) Father = Robert McGonagall Sr. Siblings = Malcolm McGonagall (brother) and Robert McGonagall Jr. (brother) Spouse = Elphinstone Urquart Children = None Wizard Blood Status = Half Blood (mother was a witch, father.
  4. It really depends on how you measure their power. We don't really see a proper duel between the two, because Snape was likely pulling punches and not trying to really injure McGonagall. At the same time, we know it is in transfiguration that Min..
  5. ded them that even though Albus and Scorpius were being noble, their peaceful world had been created because those who lost their lives, and that by meddling, they created an alternate timeline that returned them to the dark time they went through.
  6. ister and a Hogwarts-educated witch. She grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, and only gradually became aware that there was something strange, both about her own abilities, and her parents' marriage. Minerva's father, the Reverend Robert McGonagall, had become captivated by the high.
  7. Professor McGonagall is, if course, at the Arrival Feast and presides over the Sorting ceremony. She seems to be among the few teachers able to listen to Dolores Umbridge's droning "welcome speech".

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Even so, she vehemently vouched for Harry during their Career Advice session, claiming that she would coach him nightly if she had to in order to realise his dream of becoming an Auror, after Umbridge's furious protests that Harry would never become one. After Umbridge fired Sybill Trelawney from her post as Divination teacher, Minerva even put aside her mild dislike of Sybill to focus even more on her hatred of Umbridge. McGonagall attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor House. She was an exceptional student, particularly in Transfiguration, studying under Professor Albus Dumbledore. After graduation, she worked for the Ministry of Magic for several years, then declined a big promotion to instead teach at Hogwarts, staying there for the remainder of her career. According to the author, Minerva McGonagall's birthday is 4 October, and she is about seventy years old when the series begins.

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On 1 May, 1998, Minerva was present when Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley returned to Hogwarts in the middle of the night in search of Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, becoming aware they were there after Harry defended her honour by successfully performing the Cruciatus Curse on Amycus Carrow and knocking him unconscious. Even when Dolores took over Hogwarts, replacing Albus Dumbledore as Head of the school, Minerva continued to help undermine Umbridge's reign, preferring to watch her struggle with the chaos that was being caused by the students and Peeves (and sometimes even helping with it). When Minerva was attacked and sent to St Mungo's, Dolores was pleased that she at last had complete control of Hogwarts. After Minerva's return to Hogwarts, Minerva did nothing to curb the students' enthusiasm when Peeves chased Dolores from Hogwarts, only lamenting that she could not watch with them because the poltergeist had taken her walking stick to hit Dolores with as he followed her from the school.[11] Professor Minerva McGonagall (b. 4 October, 1935) was a Scottish half-blood witch and the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in addition to her duties as the Professor of Transfiguration, a title she has held since December 1956.. The daughter of a Presbyterian minister and his wife, Minerva was a half-blood, and more than proud of her blood status Professor McGonagall Free Crochet Pattern; 42. Crochet Patterns. Professor McGonagall Free Crochet Pattern. Welcome back! This is the second of three patterns being released this year for Hogwarts Week 2019! Today I am bringing you the pattern for Professor Minerva McGonagall (my favourite!

McGonagall sent Harry, Hermione, Neville and Draco a note each using owls to tell them to time and location of their detention: the Forbidden Forest at 11pm.[10] In early June, McGonagall was told by Hermione that she, Harry and Ron wanted to speak to Dumbledore. McGonagall told them that Dumbledore was at the Ministry of Magic and Harry told her that he thought that someone was going to steal the Philosopher's Stone.[11] Minerva is also known to have a very severe dislike and hatred of those who abuse power, such as her making an enemy of Dolores Umbridge. Minerva disliked her for many reasons, but most prominently her bigoted and sociopathic behaviour, which displayed Minerva's distaste for racial prejudice and sadism.

The marriage (cut tragically short, though it was destined to be) was a very happy one. Though they had no children of their own, Minerva’s nieces and nephews (children of her brothers Malcolm and Robert) were frequent visitors to their home. This was a period of great fulfillment for Minerva.When Draco Malfoy attempts to Curse Harry, Professor Moody Transfigures him into a white ferret, bouncing him in the air a few times, much to Harry's and Ron's amusement. Professor McGonagall, arriving on the scene, forcefully warns Moody that transfiguration is never used as punishment, and transforms Draco back. McGonagall then tells Moody that he must instead talk to Professor Snape, head of Slytherin. Moody heads off to the dungeons with Draco. As is often the case where the young witch or wizard comes from a family who has struggled with its magical identity, Hogwarts was, for Minerva McGonagall, a place of joyful release and freedom.As Harry, Hermione, and Ron are researching ways that Harry can breathe underwater for the Second Task, Fred and George arrive to summon Hermione and Ron to Professor McGonagall's office. It is revealed later that they have been chosen to be charmed and handed over to the Merpeople as "hostages" that the Champions must "rescue" underwater for the Second Task.

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Professor McGonagall™ doll looks just like her character in the iconic film series and comes dressed in her signature robe and hat. With eleven joints -- in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows and wrists -- Professor McGonagall™ doll is ready for action storytelling and spellbinding poses Although Minerva was too young to remember that night, its aftermath left her with a bitter understanding of the complications of growing up with magic in a Muggle world. Although Robert McGonagall loved his wife no less upon discovering that she was a witch, he was profoundly shocked by her revelation, and by the fact that she had kept such a secret from him for so long. What was more, he, who prided himself on being an upright and honest man, was now drawn into a life of secrecy that was quite foreign to his nature. Isobel explained, through her sobs, that she (and their daughter) were bound by the International Statute of Secrecy, and that they must conceal the truth about themselves, or face the fury of the Ministry of Magic. Robert also quailed at the thought of how the locals – in the main, an austere, straight-laced and conventional breed – would feel about having a witch as their minister’s wife.With Dumbledore's departure, as well as Fred and George Weasley's exit, the school has become largely unmanageable. In silent rebellion, the teachers do nothing to help Umbridge regain control. At one point, McGonagall walks, apparently uncaring, past Peeves as he unscrews a crystal chandelier, though she might have told him that it turned the other way. Also in this year, Harry Potter, who Minerva had been watching over for many years, would start his first year of education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, not knowing this, as he did not know that he was a wizard. Once Harry eventually arrived at Hogwarts, after the delivery of many acceptance letters, Harry was Sorted into the house of Gryffindor which Minerva was head of. Harry was therefore again placed under the watchful eye and care of McGonagall.

On the first day of classes, Professor McGonagall hands out timetables. In Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Harry argues with Professor Umbridge about whether or not Voldemort has returned. He is given a note that he must take to McGonagall, where he learns he has been given detention every day for a week. McGonagall asks if he had understood Umbridge's welcoming speech, and Harry suggests it means that the Ministry was going to be taking a more active hand in running Hogwarts. McGonagall comments that she is glad Harry at least listens to Hermione. She then warns Harry to be cautious around Umbridge, especially in keeping his temper, to give her the least possible reason to punish Harry. Harry startles McGonagall when he reveals he knows about the Philosopher's Stone, but when he presses to see Professor Dumbledore, she says he was summoned to London. This results in Harry, Ron, and Hermione deciding to go through the trap door to protect the Stone. Throughout Harry's studies at Hogwarts, Minerva kept a watchful eye on him and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and intervened in their affairs whenever necessary to keep them safe. In Harry's fifth year, she also promised Harry that she would do whatever she possibly could to see that he achieved his dream of becoming an Auror. When Minerva later found out about the sort of punishment Harry and various other students had been receiving from Dolores Umbridge, she openly expressed her disgust and disapproval, despite the power Umbridge wielded.[11]

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At breakfast in the Great Hall some days later, McGonagall stops a confrontation that would have pitted Draco Malfoy and his cronies against Harry, Ron, and Neville Longbottom. Umbridge, accompanied by multiple Aurors, attempts to sack Hagrid. Apparently attracted by the confusion and wand flashes, McGonagall runs to Hagrid's aid, but is simultaneously hit by four Stunners. When Harry envisions Voldemort torturing Sirius Black, he attempts to speak with McGonagall, the only Order member he can think of, but she has been taken to St. Mungo's Hospital. As a result, Harry attempts to contact Sirius directly by using Professor Umbridge's fireplace, and is caught. A few days later, Professor McGonagall announced that the Mandrake Restorative Draught could be completed that evening, causing the school to cheer. She hoped at least one person would be able to tell her who was responsible for what happened. She later saw Harry and Ron wandering round unsupervised and she looked very angry. But when they told her a lie about how they miss Hermione and wanted to tell her she would be okay, she had a tear in her eye and she gave them permission to go into the Hospital Wing.[19]

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Minerva mcgonagall hatSpecifications. This is the perfect accessory for making your favorite witch look just like her favorite character from the Harry Potter series. Wide brim witch hat with feather.Features. Minerva mcgonagall hatSpecifications. Skip to main content. Shop by category. Minerva McGonagall - Biography. Minerva McGonagall is the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor of Transfiguration and the Head of the Gryffindor House in Harry Potter -film series, based on J.K. Rowling's books Originally published onPottermoreHarry Potter to Fantastic BeastsDiscover the filmsAbout UsPressFAQsTerms & ConditionsAd ChoicesPrivacy & CookiesChildren's Privacy PolicyLegalsWizarding World Logo.cls-1 { fill: #FFF; }© Wizarding World Digital 2020 Nov 7, 2016 - Explore apoptosis's board Minerva McGonagall Costume Ideas, followed by 107 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Harry potter costume, Harry potter cosplay, Harry potter

When Harry gets another week's detention, McGonagall additionally penalizes him House points, for failing to heed her advice to avoid antagonizing Umbridge. Wizarding World Logo.cls-1 { fill: #FFF; }LOGINNews & FeaturesQuizzesJ.K. Rowling ArchiveHarry Potter At HomeDiscoverHogwarts SortingFan ClubShopNews & FeaturesNewsFeaturesHarry Potter At HomeLatestChapter VideosFirst Time ReadersQuizzes & PuzzlesCraftDiscoverBooksFilmsOn StagePortkey GamesExperiencesfeatureAll about... Minerva McgonagallOriginally published onPottermorePublished on Aug 2nd 2016ProfessorProfessor McGonagall, the strict but sentimental Transfiguration teacher, plays a major role in Harry’s life right from his first day at Hogwarts. We’ve mapped out absolutely everything you need to know about the Head of Gryffindor.Mobile versionMoody was appointed as DADA professor in 1994. However, he was captured by Barty Crouch Jr and Peter Pettigrew; Barty Crouch was disguised as Moody and became the professor, as he wanted to send Harry Potter to Voldemort. McGonagall was very angry by Crouch's teaching methods, and shouted at him. It is possible that she had the same opinion of the real Moody, but Moody might have been friendly with McGonagall afterwards. He was killed by Voldemort during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

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  1. Minerva showed her care for Harry ever since she, Dumbledore and Hagrid left him in the care of the Dursleys, in part because she had been quite fond of Harry's late parents. She was sort of a loving grandmother to him and expressed concern with both Dumbledore's choice trusting Hagrid to safely transport Harry to Little Whinging, and of the choice of family with whom Harry would stay. She spent hours on end spying on the Dursleys to get an insight to what life for Harry growing up would be like.[5] It is unlikely, however, that she kept watch over Harry, as she would never go against Dumbledore's actions, no matter how much she disagreed with them.
  2. During the First Wizarding War Minerva joined the Order of the Phoenix to fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, she participated in many battles against him and survived the war, although many of her friends were killed. During his second rise to power, Minerva rejoined the new Order and stayed in Hogwarts during the tenure of Severus Snape as Headmaster and the Carrows to protect her students. She is one of the few people that isn't afraid of standing against the Carrows, as she did defy them many times during the 1997-1998 school year. She was one of the leaders of the Resistance against Voldemort.
  3. Professor Minerva McGonagall er vicerektor på Hogwarts, hvor hun også underviser i forvandling.Desuden er hun overhoved for Gryffindor.Et par gange optræder hun som rektor. McGonagall er en streng, men yderst god heks. Hun er en høj dame med sort hår, ofte sat i en knold i nakken og bærer firkantede briller

McGonagall is such a funny character, but this isn't always the case in the films. One of my favorite McGonagall moments is when she breaks the tension after their first Divination class in Prisoner of Azkaban.. You look in excellent health to me, Potter, so you will excuse me if I don't let you off homework today Minerva McGonagall 2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Ladies in Lavender: Janet Widdington 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Minerva McGonagall Keeping Mum: Grace Hawkins 2007 Becoming Jane: Lady Gresham Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Minerva McGonagall 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: From Time to. Fred and George Weasley give Harry a magical parchment called the Marauder's Map that shows secret passageways in and out of Hogwarts. Harry follows a tunnel into Hogsmeade, meeting up with Hermione and Ron. Together they visit the Three Broomsticks, where they eavesdrop on a conversation between Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Hagrid, Cornelius Fudge, and Madam Rosmerta. Harry learns that his godfather, Sirius Black, is believed responsible for revealing his parents' secret whereabouts to Lord Voldemort—information that led to their murders. He also learns the circumstances surrounding Black's arrest and later conviction. In Hermione's third year, Minerva also went to the effort to arrange for Hermione to be given permission to use a Time-Turner to take additional classes. Teachers did not often seek permission for a student to use one of the devices, but Minerva saw something special in Hermione and went out of her way to make sure she wasn't under-achieving.[7] She further showed her high regard of Hermione by appointing her a Gryffindor prefect in her fifth year at Hogwarts. True to Gryffindor, she valued bravery and loyalty highly, thinking cowardice a heavy flaw. Despite her loyalty to her house, though, and a fair-minded person, McGonagall was known for docking points from students in her own House when she saw it must be done so.

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  1. Professor Trelawney gave Professor McGonagall a very cold look. Certainly I knew, Minerva, she said quietly. But one does not parade the fact that one is All-Knowing. I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous. That explains a great deal, said Professor McGonagall tartly. (11.2.165-168
  2. Upon hearing from Rubeus Hagrid that Albus Dumbledore would be arriving at 4 Privet Drive on 1 November, McGonagall spent the day there disguised as a cat[4]. Indeed, it was not until late that night that he finally arrived; the two elaborated on the unfortunate circumstances of James and Lily Potters' deaths before Hagrid himself showed up on a flying motorbike, bringing Harry with him[4].
  3. With the conclusion of the war, Minerva returned to the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts and remained there until at least the 2020-2021 school year when she gave permission for Dumbledore's notes on Template:TBB to be published.[16] She was also most likely responsible for the employment of former Gryffindor student Neville Longbottom as the new teacher for Herbology.

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During Transfiguration class, McGonagall lectures about Animagi and is surprised that students fail to react when she transforms herself into a cat. When told that Professor Trelawney had predicted a student will die soon, she seems to have to restrain herself from criticizing another teacher or subject, but she reassures them by saying that Trelawney predicts a student's death every year and none have yet died. Nonetheless, Minerva continued to fight when the battle resumed after the attack by the Centaurs on Voldemort and the Death Eaters. In the final moments of the battle, she duelled Voldemort alongside Horace Slughorn and Kingsley Shacklebolt, though they were blasted aside by his fury when Bellatrix Lestrange was killed in a duel with Molly Weasley. In the final books, McGonagall shows she is an extremely adept and quick duelist, being able to overpower Severus Snape and stalemate Lord Voldemort himself with assistance. It is likely that if she had not elected to follow Dumbledore into education, that she would have made an excellent Auror, and she is likely a valuable Order of the Phoenix member if not their second in command. Umbridge returned to the Ministry in a high-ranking position and interrogated Muggle-borns, capturing them and imprisoning them to Azkaban. After the Second Wizarding War, Umbridge was captured by Aurors and sent to Azkaban herself, for the rest of her life. Hogwarts is threatened! shouted Professor McGonagall. Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school! —J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Get back! shouted Ron.

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  1. Minerva McGonagall was one of only a handful of people who knew, or suspected, how dreadful a moment it was for Albus Dumbledore when, in 1945, he made the decision to confront and defeat the Dark.
  2. McGonagall said, getting up. Minerva, you have been acting strange lately, I am taking you to the hospital wing, just let Poppy check on you please. Severus said, genuinely concerned. Fine. McGonagall said in defeat. They went down to the Hospital Wing, Severus holding Minerva's arm the rest of the way. Poppy, Minerva's weak
  3. Minerva had great faith in Dumbledore, placing great stock in the differences between him and Voldemort.[5] However, she did not hesitate to disagree with him when she felt the need to do so. She greatly opposed his decision to place Harry Potter with Petunia Dursley and her family, calling them the "worst sort of Muggles imaginable."[25] She also served more than once to bring Dumbledore back on track when he became distracted from the matter currently at hand.[14]
  4. Minerva McGonagallová (* 4. říjen 1935) je ředitekou nebelvírské koleje a dokonce i Bradavic, od prosince 1956 profesorkou přeměňování (všechny předchozí funkce převzala po Albusi Brumbálovi). Patří mezi nejlepší čarodějky, je jedna ze sedmi registrovaných zvěromágů (bere na sebe podobu mourovaté kočky). V knize se.
  5. The character of Minerva McGonagall serves as the head of Gryffindor house. The students all know that McGonagall is all business. It is a rare day for her to put up with the mischief that her students so often dole out. Although strict, McGonagall loves and cares for the students of Hogwarts
  6. McGonagall had a good relationship with the most members of the Order of the Phoenix. Some of them included Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Alastor Moody. McGonagall and Tonks, like most people, were both devastated after Dumbledore's death. Tonks fought in several battles for the Order, but was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts.
  7. Headmaster Severus Snape vs Professor MCGonagall in HD! Enjoy! The Deathly Hallows Explained: Creation to Ultimate Fate (+Why Harry Didn't Die In the Forest) - Duration: 12:20. MovieFlame.

Minerva McGonagall was first described as a tall, rather severe-looking woman, and later as a "sprightly" seventy year old. She often wore emerald green robes or her favourite tartan pattern. She also wore a pointed hat cocked to one side, and always had a very prim expression. She rarely let her black hair down and the majority of the time had it combed back into a tight bun. As Minerva was a fan of tartan print and would often wear it to Quidditch games along with a woolly hat covering her ears. Minerva wore square spectacles that matched the markings around the eyes of her Animagus and Patronus: a silver tabby cat. Love endured, but trust had been broken between her parents, and Minerva, a clever and observant child, saw this with sadness. Two more children, both sons, were born to the McGonagalls, and both, in due course, revealed magical ability. Minerva helped her mother explain to Malcolm and Robert Junior that they must not flaunt their magic, and aided her mother in concealing from their father the accidents and embarrassments their magic sometimes caused.

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Hagrid once kissed McGonagall on her cheek when he had drunk very much and she was noted giving a flushed giggle in the event's festivities. When Dolores Umbridge and several Aurors from the Ministry sought to sack and exile Hagrid from the school grounds by force, Minerva quickly flew to his aid, in turn taking four stunners simultaneously to the chest. Hagrid was disgusted when the Aurors stunned and injured her to the point that he attacked them in an uncontrollable rage before fleeing, furiously denouncing them as cowards. Minerva McGonagall was born to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and Isobel Ross, a high-spirited pure-blood witch, on 4 October, 1935 in the Highlands of Scotland[3]. Isobel had not revealed that she was a witch to Robert until their young daughter began showing unmistakeable, exceptionally talented signs of magic, such as playing her father's bagpipes from distant rooms and making the family cat do her bidding[3]. After the battle, she was devastated to learn of Snape's murder of Dumbledore, the man whom she had known nearly her entire life as a teacher, mentor, and friend, and whose murderer she had let pass. After the murder was committed the Dark Mark, which was already cast into the sky, shadowed over the school grounds. In the movie, McGonagall led the respectful wand raising to rid the sky of the dark mark from the late Dumbledore's body. After the death of Dumbledore, McGonagall held the Funeral of Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts and in the final days of the school year she took over Dumbledore's former position and became Headmistress of Hogwarts, though she was stripped of this position in favour of Snape once Voldemort took over. McGonagall tried to comfort Harry about the death of Dumbledore but her efforts fell short, as she herself was devastated at the death of her beloved teacher.[15]

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  1. McGonagall was shocked that they even knew about the Stone but told they should not worry about the Stone because it was well protected.[11] However, she was wrong. Later that evening, Professor Quirrell and Voldemort attempted to take the Stone and Harry managed to save it.[12]
  2. utes to decide if she was Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, which made.
  3. That evening, she found a new warning about the Chamber of Secrets saying Ginny was taken into the Chamber itself. She called for the school to go back to their House common room and told the teachers that the school was going to have to close. Professor Lockhart was late and Professor McGonagall joined teachers in telling him he was being sent to the Chamber of Secrets because he had told everyone he knew where it was. It was a ruse to get him out their way and she told Head of Houses to tell their students.[19]
  4. Minerva McGonagall, the beloved Transfiguration professor from the Harry Potter wizarding series, made a confusing appearance in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, that has many fans.
  5. After the Second Wizarding War, Minerva may have been the one to employ Neville as the school's new Herbology professor.

Minerva was on amicable terms with Horace Slughorn, her former Potions professor; both of them having battled against Voldemort alongside Kingsley Shacklebolt in the Battle of Hogwarts. Prior to this, Minerva commented on his seemingly cowardly behaviour when he realised the castle was under attack. She noted that if he wished to leave, he should take his students and do so and if he attempted to hinder their efforts against Voldemort from inside the castle, they would duel to kill. She stated that it was time for Slytherin to finally choose their alliances. He was taken aback at this and he fled, but later returned with reinforcements of students' parents and residents of Hogsmeade to help with the battle efforts. When Hedwig is injured while delivering Sirius' message to Harry, he takes her to Professor Grubbly-Plank in the staff room. Professor McGonagall is also there, and she warns Harry that all communication channels in and out of Hogwarts are likely being monitored. She later was joined by Professor Dumbledore again and she spoke to Mr and Mrs Weasley in her office. She was shocked when Harry and Ron showed up having saved Ginny. She was gasping and clutching her chest in amazement that Ginny was fine. Harry told everybody everything that happened that led him to the Chamber of Secrets and what happened when he found it. Professor McGonagall was astonished at how many school rules he had broken.[20] McGonagall seemed to have a quite close relationship with Remus Lupin, the D.A.D.A. professor in 1993. She didn't care about the fact Remus was a werewolf, because Dumbledore trusted him, too, and respected his efficient teaching skills, as she referenced him during Harry's Careers Advice. During the Second Wizarding War, they appear to be friendly; after Dumbledore's death, McGonagall, Lupin and several other individuals were devastated; they all discussed about the way Snape killed Dumbledore. But later that night, Filch caught Harry and Hermione sneaking back to the common room and McGonagall caught Neville Longbottom sneaking about trying to warn Harry about Draco. McGonagall thought that Harry and Hermione had invented a story about a dragon to get Draco into trouble, got Neville involved in their scheming and gave them detention too for sneaking out past curfew.[10]

Rubeus Hagrid respected McGonagall. Hagrid was the gamekeeper, and later Care of Magical Creatures professor of Hogwarts. McGonagall was one of the most serious professors at Hogwarts, and sometimes disapproved of Hagrid's behaviour, especially during the Sorting ceremony. However, they were still close friends, were both members of the Order of the Phoenix in both wars, and they both admired Albus Dumbledore. Professor Minerva McGonagall played by Maggie Smith is the only registered Animagus - a witch or wizard who can change themselves into animals. She is the teacher of Transfiguration and is considered to be the strictest teacher at Hogwarts

McGonagall later found Harry and Ron to tell them about their detentions: Ron was to help Filch and Harry was to help Professor Lockhart. Harry begged her to let him help Filch instead and she found that curious, but told him that Lockhart had specifically asked for Harry and he had to go.[14] Later, saw Harry, Ron and Hermione near Mrs Norris who was Petrified. McGonagall defended Harry when Filch thought that he was to blame, and when Snape thought Harry was hiding things and should be punished, she told him the cat was not struck by a broomstick.[15] Though she shared Albus Dumbledore's fears and suspicions about Lord Voldemort, McGonagall did not join the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War (then seen as a renegade outfit by the Ministry). Instead, and unbeknownst to her students, she spent many nights spying for the Ministry in the guise of a tabby cat, bringing the Aurors crucial information on the activities of Voldemort's followers.[12] After ordering the evacuation of younger students through the Hog's Head, Minerva began to help fortify the castle against the coming attack, with the assistance of her fellow teachers, Order members, and even the older students who had stayed behind to fight. When Pansy Parkinson suggested they take the deal offered to them by Voldemort — that of their lives in exchange for Harry Potter — Minerva ordered the girl and all those not willing to fight to leave.[9] It is unknown whether Minerva kept Sybill as Divination Professor after the war and during Minerva's time as Headmistress of Hogwarts, but, seeing as Minerva always valued Dumbledore's views of kindness, Firenze and Trelawney most likely continued to co-teach Divination.

When Hermione informs McGonagall that Harry received an expensive Firebolt broom from an unknown person for Christmas, McGonagall confiscates it, saying that Professor Flitwick and Madam Hooch will inspect it for any concealed Dark Magic. The accidental death of Elphinstone from a Venomous Tentacula bite, three years into their marriage, was an enormous sorrow to all who knew the couple. Minerva could not bear to remain alone in their cottage, but packed her things after Elphinstone’s funeral and returned to her sparse stone-floored bedroom in Hogwarts Castle, accessible through a concealed door in the wall of her first-floor study. Always a very brave and private person, she poured all her energies into her work, and few people – excepting perhaps Albus Dumbledore – ever realised how much she suffered.

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Giáo sư Minerva McGonagall xuất hiện lần đầu tiên trong Harry Potter và hòn đá phù thuỷ, giữ cương vị là giáo sư môn Biến hình của Trường Phù thủy và Pháp sư Hogwarts và là chủ nhiệm nhà Gryffindor.Trong thần thoại La Mã, Minerva là tên tiếng La Mã của Athena - nữ thần của trí tuệ và công lý, phù hợp với những. Albus Dumbledore discovered Minerva in tears in her classroom late that evening, and she confessed the whole story to him. Albus Dumbledore offered both comfort and wisdom, and told Minerva some of his own family history, previously unknown to her. The confidences exchanged that night between two intensely private and reserved characters were to form the basis of a lasting mutual esteem and friendship.

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Minerva couldn't help but feel pity for Neville after the loss of both his parents, whom she knew from the First Wizarding War and fought alongside earlier on in her career. She voiced pride in Neville's courage in participating in the fight with the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries. She also sought to encourage Neville to take Charms, in his sixth year, despite his grandmother's dismissal of the subject as "soft;" Minerva wanted to see Neville pursue his own talents rather than the skills his grandmother appeared to value. She told him, "It's high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she's got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have: Particularly after what happened at the Ministry." She also advised Neville that his grandmother had failed to earn her Charms OWL.[15] It is never mentioned in the series if McGonagall ever married or had children, but her entry on the Pottermore website has more information. She was raised in Scotland, the eldest of three children born to a witch mother and a Muggle father, a Presbyterian minister. Being Scottish, she often wears tartan.

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The school greeted Minerva McGonagall’s return with delight. Minerva threw herself into her work, proving herself a strict but inspirational teacher. If she kept letters from Dougal McGregor locked in a box under her bed, this was (she told herself firmly) better than keeping her wand locked there. Nevertheless, it was a shock to learn from the oblivious Isobel (in the middle of a chatty letter of local news) that Dougal had married the daughter of another farmer. Minerva McGonagall is the deputy headmistress, head of Gryffindor house and Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.A tall, stern-looking witch with black hair usually drawn into a tight bun, few students dare cross her; she is an imposing figure who can quickly spot trouble When Harry secretly infiltrated Hogwarts shortly prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry defended Minerva's honour against Alecto and Amycus Carrow who had been posted at the school by Voldemort. Amycus demanded to know where Harry was in the Tower and McGonagall asked why he would be there as he belonged in her house with clear pride in her voice. When Amycus Carrow spat at McGonagall, Harry was outraged to the point of attacking him with the Cruciatus Curse, and agreeing with Bellatrix Lestrange's assertion that one had to "really mean it" to perform it correctly. Although shocked by Harry's sudden appearance and his use of an Unforgivable Curse, Minerva was clearly touched. Though Minerva tried to convince Harry to flee out of concern for his safety, Minerva immediately joined Harry in retaking the castle and preparing for battle when he informed her that he was acting on Dumbledore's orders. Nearing the end of the Battle of Hogwarts, Minerva's devastation was clearly equal to that of Ron and Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger, when she saw Rubeus Hagrid carrying Harry's seemingly dead body. She later duelled Voldemort head on in the final battle, to protect Harry and the other students. When the battle ended with Voldemort's death at Harry's hands, Minerva was among the first to embrace him.[9] Minerva fought skilfully in the first part of the battle, and stood defiant in the lull. She stood among many students in a crowd when Voldemort himself walked into the Hogwarts grounds. It was only when Minerva saw Harry Potter's body being carried by Rubeus Hagrid that she began to despair, letting out a scream terrible to anyone who heard it, equal to that of Ron, Hermione, and Ginny's together.

Harry, distraught over Sirius' death, nearly gets into a duel with Draco Malfoy, who blames Harry for his father being sentenced to Azkaban prison. Professor Snape intervenes, then prepares to penalize Harry House points, only to discover the Gryffindor hourglass is empty. Professor McGonagall happens to return from St. Mungo's, recovered but still physically weak and using a walking stick. She sends Draco and his cronies off, then awards House points to all students who participated in the battle at the Ministry. She then subtracts the points that Snape intended to deduct. Harry meets with McGonagall to discuss his career plans to become an Auror, only to find Umbridge is also there. Umbridge continually interrupts McGonagall, claiming Harry's "criminal" record will prevent his becoming an Auror. McGonagall, outraged, vows to do everything possible to help him achieve his goal. Harry leaves as their argument escalates. 1935: Minerva McGonagall is born 1936: Hambledon Quince is born 1937: The Cleansweep Three is released 1937: Tom Riddle terrorizes two children in the sea cave 1938: Cygnus Black, father of Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda, is born 1938: The Comet 180 is released August, 1938: Dumbledore visits Tom Riddle's orphanag

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Minerva McGonagall (4 de outubro, Caithness, Escócia) [1] é uma personagem da saga de livros de Harry Potter, criada pela escritora britânica J. K. Rowling.. Foi uma bruxa que estudou na Escola de Magia e Bruxaria de Hogwarts e pertenceu a casa da Gryffindor. Depois do período escolar, voltou a Hogwarts e tornou-se professora de transfiguração e chefe da casa Gryffindor, assim como, em. Minerva McGonagall is a fictional character in the Harry Potter books written by J. K. Rowling.This character is a teacher at the school Hogwarts, and a good character in the series.She helps Harry Potter, the main character, many times in the series.She teaches transfiguration, a type of magic where you change objects or animals into other objects and animals Aware that her parents (a witch and wizard) would frown on a connection with the serious young Muggle, Isobel kept their burgeoning relationship a secret. By the time she was eighteen, she had fallen in love with Robert. Unfortunately, she had not found the courage to tell him what she was. Hey everyone! Here is my second upload MTS2! Its Professor McGonagall! Minerva McGonagall is the catty Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts. She may be rough on the outside, but she cares about her students deep down. Important Information on Meshes Okay, for some odd reason, I couldn't get the meshes into the sims2pack file

In 1997, after Albus Dumbledore's death, Minerva stated that she appreciated Hagrid's opinion very much, as did Dumbledore. McGonagall and Hagrid fought against Death Eaters during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the Battle of Hogwarts. They were among the first ones to run to congratulate Harry after he defeated Voldemort. They both survived the war and still taught at Hogwarts. Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv’ry Tay! Alas! I am very sorry to say That ninety lives have been taken away On the last Sabbath day of 1879, Which will be remember’d for a very long time. McGonagall: Whilst Professor McGonagall did not practice the Dark Arts she has been known to effectively cast the Imperius Curse successfully on Amycus Carrow, showing that Minerva is somehow.

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After the First Wizarding War had ended Minerva continued on with her career at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, carrying on teaching the art of Transfiguration. She remained loyal to the Order of the Phoenix and kept watching over Harry Potter as he grew up to keep him from harm. Minerva’s father, the Reverend Robert McGonagall, had become captivated by the high-spirited Isobel Ross, who lived in the same village. Like his neighbours, Robert believed that Isobel attended a select ladies’ boarding school in England. In fact, when Isobel vanished from her home for months at a time, it was to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she went.Following the first downfall of Lord Voldemort, Elphinstone visited Minerva at Hogwarts and proposed marriage to her[3]. Following the death of McGonagall's past love, Dougal McGregor, Minerva accepted, on the condition that she retain her maiden name, something that infuriated traditionalists - she was turning down a perfectly good pure-blood surname in favour of that of her Muggle father[3]. Though the marriage was destined to be, it was cut tragically short after three years due to Urquart's death from a Venomous Tentacula bite[3]. Minerva subsequently lived alone in her sparse first-floor study[3]. Minerva McGonagall has appeared in the following books: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba.. Within those pages are a multitude of iconic and lovable characters, such as Professor Minerva McGonagall. Strict, stern, and brave, with a dry sense of humor and amazing magical talent, the Hogwarts transfiguration teacher is the ultimate representation of the classic witch persona

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Minerva McGonagall is the leading female teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who teaches Transfiguration. She can transform herself into a gray cat! And she is also the Head of the Gryffindor House. Even when there are moments when we read or watch in every Quidditch scenes, she would definitely wanted Gryffindor to win the. She was instructed to guard Crouch Jr after he revealed his part in the rebirth of Voldemort, but was unable to prevent the Dementor brought by Minister Cornelius Fudge from giving the Death Eater the Dementor's Kiss. She was intensely furious at Fudge for this blunder, and screamed more than Harry had ever seen before. Thus, when the Minister refused to believe Dumbledore and Harry Potter about the return of Voldemort, Minerva nonetheless stood in support of her superior and her student.[14] In the return of the Dark Lord, Hufflepuff student Cedric Diggory was carelessly murdered and a memorial feast was held at the end of the school year. The Second Wizarding War had now begun, despite the Ministry trying to hush up any claims of this. Professor Minerva McGonagall is one of the first characters we meet in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, we first see the character as a cat before she returns to human form when Albus Dumbledore arrives. Not long after entering the wizarding world, we realize there's a lot beyond McGonagall's transfiguration abilities to love about this Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione heard Professor McGonagall telling Professor Flitwick about Colin.[17] Later, she found Harry at the scene of a newly Petrified Nearly Headless Nick and Justin Finch-Fletchley. She took Harry to Professor Dumbledore and when he told her he was not responsible, she told him it was not in her hands judge.[17] Minerva McGonagall is the headmistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Minerva McGonagall attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a student between 1947 and 1954, being sorted into the house of Gryffindor. She had a talent for Transfiguration, resulting in her managing to become an Animagi, and two years after graduating headed back to Hogwarts to teach the.

M. G. McGonagall attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age of eleven in the late 1960s. McGonagall was Sorted into Gryffindor House, the House which was Headed at the time by Minerva McGonagall herself. As such, McGonagall was taught Transfiguration by Minerva as well. McGonagall also joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team and was awarded a plaque for it in 1971. It is hard to imagine the stern and staid Professor McGonagall "letting her hair down" to any great extent, which makes it difficult to imagine that she has many close relationships. However, she enjoys a warm friendship with Albus Dumbledore, and seems on friendly terms with the other Hogwarts teachers, including Severus Snape (up until Dumbledore's death) and Professor Slughorn, who becomes head of Slytherin. Also, her concern for Harry's well-being seems more than would be the result of his merely being a student in her House, or even his potential to cause Voldemort's final downfall. Professor Minerva McGonagall is a character in Harry Potter, portrayed by Maggie Smith. During one of her classes, at the request of Hermione, McGonagall explains the legendary origins of the Chamber of Secrets to the students. Knowing the Chamber exists, she denies its existence to the class and passes it off as legend Minerva had a good relationship with Sirius Black. After his graduation, Sirius, like the other Marauders, was Minerva's comrade in the Order of the Phoenix. But after James' death, she, the rest of the wizarding community, assumed it was Sirius who betrayed the Potters since he was expected to be their Secret-Keeper; only in 1995 did she learn that the Secret-Keeper at the time of the Potters' deaths was actually Peter Pettigrew, who took the title after Sirius turned it down. Sirius was murdered by his own cousin Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996. Minerva's reaction to Sirius's death is unreported. Her full name is Minerva McGonagall. If the actor is what you were asking about, she was played by Maggie Smith

During the year Minerva more than once exhorted her students to provide a good appearance to their guests at the castle. She attended the Yule Ball with Albus Dumbledore and notably wore her hair down for the first time since Harry started his education at Hogwarts. She also loaned her classroom to Harry, Ron and Hermione so they could practise spells for Harry's preparation for the Third Task, after having walked in on them so many times around the school. At the end of the Tournament, however, Minerva accompanied Dumbledore and Severus Snape in the rescue of Harry Potter from the Death Eater that had spent the entire school year impersonating the Auror Alastor Moody, that year's Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Grouping (Optional) This option allows you to sort/filter/group your Want List by any grouping you define (priority, character, etc) Notification Email? Selecting Yes will notify you when another member lists this item for sal Despite Minerva's best efforts to thwart the Ministry's influence at Hogwarts, things continued to grow worse. After Dumbledore was ousted from the school, Umbridge was appointed Headmistress over Minerva. When Umbridge invaded the career advising of the 5th-year students, Minerva finally lost her temper. During Harry Potter's session, when Umbridge kept interrupting the conversation and declaring that Harry would never be an Auror at the Ministry, Minerva declared to Harry that she would help him in any way necessary to achieve his goal. The atmosphere at Hogwarts continued to devolve under Umbridge's leadership.[11]

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Professor McGonagall makes great efforts to behave fairly towards all students, including handing out House Points penalties to members of Gryffindor when she feels it warranted. Though she tries to hide it, we believe she has affection for Harry, supporting him emotionally when things are roughest for him. Isobel was torn between pride and fear. She knew that she must confess the truth to Robert before he witnessed something that would alarm him. At last, in response to Robert’s patient questioning, Isobel burst into tears, retrieved her wand from the locked box under her bed and showed him what she was.McGonagall got through the war unscathed, though she suffered personal bereavements: the loss of her brother Robert; of two of her favourite students, Lily Evans and James Potter; and of Dougal McGregor, who was murdered in a random anti-Muggle attack by the Death Eaters, along with his wife and children — this last news was a terrible blow to Minerva, who wondered if she would have been able to save him if she had married him.[12]

McGonagall synonyms, McGonagall pronunciation, McGonagall translation, English dictionary definition of McGonagall. n William. 1830-?1902, Scottish writer of doggerel, noted for its bathos, repetitive rhymes, poor scansion, and ludicrous effect in some ways, the ideal father figure, while Minerva McGonagall stands for the ideal mother. Minerva was too young to remember that night, but the aftermath left her with a bitter understanding of the complications of wizards living in a Muggle world[3]. Though love endured, trust had been broken between the couple, something Minerva, a clever and observant child, noted with sadness[3].

Immediately prior to the Third Task, Professor McGonagall tells Harry that the Champions and their families are congregating in a small room off the Great Hall. Harry, not expecting anyone, remains in the Great Hall until Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts Champion, summons him. Mrs. Weasley and Bill Weasley have come to watch him compete. Wizarding World Logo.cls-1 { fill: #FFF; }LOGINNews & FeaturesQuizzesJ.K. Rowling ArchiveHarry Potter At HomeDiscoverHogwarts SortingFan ClubShopNews & FeaturesNewsFeaturesHarry Potter At HomeLatestChapter VideosFirst Time ReadersQuizzes & PuzzlesCraftDiscoverBooksFilmsOn StagePortkey GamesExperiencesProfessor McGonagallBy J.K. RowlingOriginally published on on Aug 10th 2015Childhood Minerva McGonagall was the first child, and only daughter, of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and a Hogwarts-educated witch. She grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, and only gradually became aware that there was something strange, both about her own abilities, and her parents’ marriage. Hot Harry Potter Cosplay Minerva McGonagall Costume Dark Green Cloak Trench coat C $ 81.08 Previous Price C $85.34 Harry Potter Cosplay Minerva McGonagall Adult Women Costume Party Halloween Sui Background []. Minerva McGonagall came to Hogwarts in 1947 and was sorted into Gryffindor house. She was a passionate Gryffindor and received Outstanding in all her subjects in both her OWLs and her NEWTs, excelling most in Transfiguration.She became a Prefect, and later Head Girl.McGonagall was also a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, and, during her final match against Slytherin. Near the end of May, Professor McGonagall sends Harry to the Quidditch pitch to receive instructions about the Third Task. In 1981, baby Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort in his family home at Godric's Hollow, his parents James Potter and Lily Evans (both members of the Order of the Phoenix) were killed whilst protecting their son from harm. The defeat of Voldemort ultimately ended the war and his followers were arrested and those that escaped went into hiding. Minerva travelled to Surrey and there spent an entire day observing the Dursley family seeing whether or not they met the standards of looking after Harry as they were his only living relatives with his parents now dead. She was thus present, along with Rubeus Hagrid, when Dumbledore placed Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep, despite her objections to leaving him with these Muggles, whom she considered to be the "worst kind" of them. She kept a close eye on Harry from time to time during his early childhood, as did other members of the Order of the Phoenix.[5]

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