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If the insured person has the right to assert a claim against several parties obligated to effect payment on account of the same insured event, the total compensation may not exceed the total expenses. (1) Der Handelsvertreter kann Geschäfte im Namen und für Rechnung des Unternehmers nur dann schließen, wenn er hiezu ermächtigt ist.(3) Subsection (2), first sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the effectiveness of an agreement between the insurer and the policyholder on account of which the scope of the insurance cover is reduced or in accordance with which the insurer is only obligated to effect payment in respect of compensation to restore the insured building.

(1) If a provision of the insurer’s general terms and conditions of insurance has been declared void by a decision of one of the highest courts or by a final administrative act, the insurer may replace it with a new rule if this is necessary to continue the contract or if continuing the contract without the new rule would represent undue hardship for either party, even taking into account the interests of the other party. The new rule shall only be effective if it takes appropriate account of the concerns of the policyholder and is in keeping with the objective of the contract.(4) In the case of fund-based insurances and other insurances which provide for benefits of the type described in section 54b of the Insurance Supervision Act, the surrender value shall be calculated based on the accepted actuarial rules as an end value of the insurance, insofar as the insurer does not guarantee payment of a certain benefit; subsection (3) shall apply in other respects. The principles on which the calculation is based shall be cited in the contract.

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  2. 3 The Code uses the word of the EU Directive 86/653 “Unternehmer”, which would mean “entrepreneur”, the former Commercial Agent Law “HVG” used the more precise German word “Geschäftsherr” [=Principal], as the new Enterprise Code (“UGB”) uses “entrepreneur” instead of “businessman” (“Kaufmann”) of the former Commercial Code (“HGB”) in this translation the word Principal (“Geschäftsherr”) is used for the Entrepreneur/Unternehmer of the Commercial Agent Code an the German version of the Directive
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Recommendation G.191. In force components. Number. G.191 STL-2005 Manual (08/05). ITU-T Software Tool Library 2005 User's manual Available in English only 4511.191 [See Note] Implied consent. 4511.191 [See Note] Implied consent (2) If, in the case of daily hospital allowance insurance or partial cost-of-illness insurance, the preconditions under subsection (1) are not met, the insurer may only terminate the insurance agreement to the end of the insurance year within the first three insurance years. The notice of termination shall be three months.Section 43 Definitions Section 44 Rights of the insured person Section 45 Rights of the policyholder Section 46 Rights between the policyholder and the insured person Section 47 Knowledge and conduct of the insured person Section 48 Insurance for the account of “whom it may concern”The policyholder shall not be obligated to hand over the insurance policy to the insured person or, in the event of insolvency proceedings having been opened with regard to his assets, to the insolvency estate, until his claims against the insured person have been satisfied with regard to the insured thing. He may satisfy these claims from the claim for compensation against the insurer and, after it has been collected, from the compensation paid before the insured person and the latters creditors.Section 59 Definitions Section 60 Basis on which insurance intermediary provides advice Section 61 Insurance intermediary’s duties of advice and documentation Section 62 Time and form of the information Section 63 Obligation to pay damages Section 64 Securing payment to the policyholder’s benefit Section 65 Jumbo risk Section 66 Other exceptions Section 67 Deviating agreements Section 68 Insurance advisers

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(6) Während eines Verfahrens nach den Abs. 1 bis 5 läuft zwar die Verjährung der Ansprüche des Handelsvertreters fort, sie endet aber keinesfalls vor Ablauf dreier Monate nach rechtskräftiger Beendigung des Verfahrens und Erfüllung des Anspruchs auf Buchauszug, Büchereinsicht und ergänzende Auskünfte.(1) In the case of insurance for the account of a third party, the insured person holds the rights resulting from the contract of insurance. However, only the policyholder may demand that the insurance policy be sent to him.

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(1) In cases of doubt, the policyholder shall be entitled, without the consent of the insurer, to appoint a third party as beneficiary and to replace the thus appointed third party with the name of another.If the taking out of accident insurance is compulsory under a legal provision, the insurer shall certify to the policyholder, quoting the sum insured, that an accident insurance exists in accordance with the legal provision, to which reference must be made. 1962 born in Wiener Neustadt 1980 Certificate of Secondary Education at Babenbergerring Secondary School, Wiener Neustadt 1985 Graduation as doctor of legal science (University of Vienna) 1986-1987 Trainee lawyer with Dr. Dietrich Rössler in Vienna 1988-1990 Trainee lawyer with the law firm of KOSCH & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte 1990 Admission to the list of lawyers 1991 Admission to the law firm.

(1) Handelsvertreter ist, wer von einem anderen (im folgenden „Unternehmer” genannt) mit der Vermittlung oder dem Abschluss von Geschäften, ausgenommen über unbewegliche Sachen, in dessen Namen und für dessen Rechnung ständig betraut ist und diese Tätigkeit selbständig und gewerbsmäßig ausübt.(3) Ist die Leistungsfreiheit für den Fall vereinbart, daß eine Obliegenheit verletzt wird, die nach dem Eintritt des Versicherungsfalles dem Versicherer gegenüber zu erfüllen ist, so tritt die vereinbarte Rechtsfolge nicht ein, wenn die Verletzung weder auf Vorsatz noch auf grober Fahrlässigkeit beruht. Wird die Obliegenheit nicht mit dem Vorsatz verletzt, die Leistungspflicht des Versicherers zu beeinflussen oder die Feststellung solcher Umstände zu beeinträchtigen, die erkennbar für die Leistungspflicht des Versicherers bedeutsam sind, so bleibt der Versicherer zur Leistung verpflichtet, soweit die Verletzung weder auf die Feststellung des Versicherungsfalls noch auf die Feststellung oder den Umfang der dem Versicherer obliegenden Leistung Einfluß gehabt hat.

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  3. (4) The policyholder may demand at any time that the insurer provide him with copies of the declarations made in relation to the contract of insurance. If the policyholder requires the copies in order to undertake actions against the insurer which are bound by a specified time limit and the insurer had not previously supplied them, the time limit shall be suspended from the time when the insurer receives the request until such time as the policyholder receives the copies.
  4. 2 Art. 1 para 1 of the Directive speaks in German of “Verkauf oder Ankauf von Waren…oder diese Geschäfte“, and in English: „the sale or the purchase of goods…..such transactions“;
  5. (3) The burden of proof regarding the submission or the content of the application or another declaration of intent in accordance with subsection (1) nos. 1, 2 shall be on the policyholder. The burden of proof regarding any breach of the duty of disclosure or a duty on the part of the policyholder shall be on the insurer.
  6. imisation or in the ascertainment and establishment of the loss or to restore or improve the property damaged by the insured event or contributions have been made to gross average, or if the policyholder has become personally liable to pay such contributions, the insurer shall reimburse the loss caused by the subsequent occurrence of the insured event without consideration for the earlier expenses and amounts to be reimbursed by him.

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» Insurance Contract Act (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz, VVG

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(3) Each person with a place of residence in Germany shall be obligated to conclude and maintain with an insurance company licensed to operate in Germany for himself and for the persons legally represented by him, insofar as they are not themselves able to conclude contracts, a cost-of-illness insurance which comprises at least a cost refund for outpatient and inpatient treatment and in which the absolute and percentage excesses for outpatient and inpatient treatment which have been agreed for services covered by the respective tariff for each person to be insured are limited to an amount of Euro 5,000 per calendar year; for persons entitled to medical expenses assistance, the possible excesses emerge through the analogous application of the percentage not covered by the rate of medical expenses assistance to the maximum amount of Euro 5,000. The obligation in accordance with the first sentence shall not apply to persons who(2) If the Insurance Agent according to a written agreement with the Principal is entrusted with the assistance of policyholders and receives a commission or another appropriate fee (“assistance commission”), there does not exist a claim for further payment of such a commission after the termination of the contractual relationship between Insurance Agent and Principal.(4) Ist der Handelsvertreter ausdrücklich für ein bestimmtes Gebiet oder für einen bestimmten Kundenkreis als alleiniger Vertreter bestellt, so gebührt ihm im Zweifel die Provision auch für solche Geschäfte, die ohne seine Mitwirkung während der Dauer des Vertragsverhältnisses durch den Unternehmer oder für diesen mit der zum Gebiet oder zum Kundenkreis des Handelsvertreters gehörigen Kundschaft geschlossen worden sind.

§ 60 Abs. 1 VersVG: Hat der Versicherungsnehmer irrtümlich einen zweiten Versicherungsvertrag für ein Risiko abgeschlossen, so dass eine Doppelversicherung entsteht, so kann er verlangen, dass der jüngere Vertrag aufgehoben oder die Versicherungssumme, unter verhältnismäßiger Minderung der Prämie, auf den Teilbetrag herabgesetzt wird, der durch die frühere Versicherung nicht gedeckt ist. Datenschutzgesetzes 2000 (§ 11a Abs. 2 Z 3 VersVG) zustimmt - aufgrund eines nach Belehrung über die Rechtsfolgen erteilten Auftrags zur Direktverrechnung solche Gesundheitsdaten übermittelt werden dürfen, die im Normalfall zur Abrechnung benötigt werden (s. § 11b des Entwurfs). Rechtsgrund fü (2) Der Anspruch auf Provision entsteht spätestens, wenn der Dritte seinen Teil des Geschäfts ausgeführt hat oder ausgeführt haben müsste, hätte der Unternehmer seinen Teil des Geschäfts ausgeführt.

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(1) In the case of accident insurance, the insurer shall be liable following an accident involving the insured person or an event contractually deemed equivalent to an accident.(1) The insurer shall not be obligated to effect payment if the policyholder intentionally causes the insured event.

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  1. Agreements deviating from sections 126 to 128 to the detriment of the policyholder shall not be permitted.
  2. (1) Where risks in the sphere of legal expenses insurance are insured along with other risks, the insurance policy must separately quote the scope of the legal expenses insurance cover and the premium payable therefor. If the insurer hires an independent claims processing company to handle these claims, the name of this company must be quoted on the insurance policy.
  3. Verträge, welche vor dem 31. März 1994 abgeschlossen wurden, können nur mit einer Kündigungsfrist von sechs Monaten vor Ablauf des jeweiligen Versicherungsjahres gekündigt werden .
  4. e the valuation reserves annually and assign them by calculation according to a causation-oriented procedure. When the contract expires the amount to be deter
  5. ate the contract subject to a notice period of one month.
  6. Abfrage dem Typ der Textsuche im konsolidierten Recht: Volltext, Titel, Abkürzung Textsuche Volltext Titel Abkürzung Abfrage der LR-Nr im konsolidierten Recht LR-Nr Abfrage der LGBl-Nr im konsolidierten Recht LGBl-Nr Abfrage der Fassung im konsolidierten Recht Fassung vom Abschicken oder zurücksetzen der Suche im konsolidierten Recht Zurücksetzen Suche
  7. Versicherung) Beispiel: „Als Erwerber des versicherten Risikos kündige ich alle dafür bei Ihnen 

(1) If the insurer terminates the contract of insurance, the insurance shall be converted into a fully paid-up insurance upon termination. Section 165 shall apply to the conversion.(1) The policyholder shall notify the insurer of the occurrence of the insured event without undue delay after he has learned thereof. If a third party is entitled to the right to the insurer’s benefit, the third party shall also be obligated to notify the insurer.Sections 60 to 63 shall not apply to the arranging of contracts of insurance for jumbo risks within the meaning of section 210 subsection (2). 191:0.1 RESURRECTION SUNDAY was a terrible day in the lives of the apostles; ten of them spent 191:0.4 All this day Peter characteristically vacillated emotionally between faith and doubt concerning.. Forgot your password? To update your password or challenge questions, please go to Password Self-service Any restriction of the power of agency to which the insurance agent is entitled in accordance with section 69 and section 71 based on the general terms and conditions of insurance shall be void vis-à-vis the policyholder and third parties.

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Nach Eintritt eines Versicherungsfalles in der Feuerversicherung ist jeder Teil (sowohl Versicherer als auch Versicherungsnehmer!) berechtigt, das Versicherungsverhältnis zu kündigen. Die Kündigung ist nur bis zum Ablauf eines Monats seit dem Abschluss der Verhandlungen über die Entschädigung zulässig. Der Versicherer hat eine Kündigungsfrist von einem Monat einzuhalten. Der Versicherungsnehmer kann nicht für einen späteren Zeitpunkt als den Schluss der laufendenVersicherungsperiode kündigen.er dem Unternehmer neue Kunden zugeführt oder bereits bestehende Geschäftsverbindungen wesentlich erweitert hat,(2) The extent of the obligation to effect payment under subsection (1) shall be determined in accordance with section 117 (3), first sentence; section 117 (3), second sentence, shall not apply. Section 117 (4) shall apply mutatis mutandis.

(3) In the cases described in subsections (1) and (2), the insurer shall only be liable within the framework of the prescribed minimum sum insured and the risk assumed by him. He shall not be obligated to effect payment insofar as the third party may receive compensation for his loss from another indemnity insurer or from a social insurance agency.(1) In respect of actions brought on the basis of the contract of insurance or the mediation of a contract of insurance, that local court in whose district the policyholder has his place of residence at the time of the filing of the action shall also have jurisdiction, failing that, his habitual place of residence. In respect of actions brought against the policyholder, only this court shall have jurisdiction. Nummer Beschreibung des Formulars 700 Kurzmitteilung an VU (zu Vertrag) 700a Schreiben an VU (zu Vertrag) 701a Betreuungsübernahme Mitteilung an VU (1 Polizze) 701b Betreuungsübernahme Mitteilung an VU (mehrere Polizzen) 708 Polizzenurgenz an VU 710 Abweichung vom Antrag - Korrekturauftrag 711 Abweichung vom Antrag - Hinweis 5 VersVG 719. If the private cost-of-illness insurance contract was concluded prior to 1 January 2009, on change or termination of the contract, the conclusion of a contract in the basic tariff can be demanded with the policyholders own or with another insurance company, old age reserves being carried forward in accordance with section 204 (1) only until 30 June 2009. The application must already be accepted if in case of termination of a contract with another insurer termination in accordance with section 205 (1), first sentence, did not yet take effect. The application may only be rejected if the applicant was already insured by the insurer and the insurerthe mandatory declaration of the Third Party to conclude the business transaction was received by the Commercial Agent or the Principal prior to the end of the contractual relationship.

(3) The contracting parties may agree that the content of the cost-of-illness contract of insurance covers additional services directly linked to those referred to in subsection (1), especially(7) In addition to the amount calculated on the basis of subsections (3) to (6), the insurer shall pay the policyholder the surplus sharing already assigned to him, insofar as this has not already been added to the amount calculated in accordance with subsections (3) to (6), as well as the final surplus sharing provided for in accordance with the relevant general terms and conditions of insurance in the event of the termination of the contract; section 153 (3), second sentence, shall remain unaffected.

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The right of the insurer to avoid the contract on account of fraudulent misrepresentation shall remain unaffected. Eine Vereinbarung, durch die der Handelsvertreter für die Zeit nach Beendigung des Vertragsverhältnisses in seiner Erwerbstätigkeit beschränkt wird, ist unwirksam.The insurer may not refer to any provision of the contract of insurance which derogates from sections 95 to 97 to the detriment of the buyer. However, the contract may provide that the termination of the contract by the buyer in accordance with section 96 (2) and the disclosure of the sale must be made in writing. The Commercial Agent has to endeavour the intermediation or the conclusion of business transactions. He has to perform his duties in the interest of the Principal with the diligence of an ordinary entrepreneur [in the sense of “businessman”] and is particularly committed to make the necessary notifications to him and inform him immediately of any business transaction that he has closed for him.

(2) If the insurer exercises his right to withdraw from or to terminate the contract in respect of a part of the objects or persons, the policyholder shall be entitled to terminate the insurance agreement regarding the remainder. The termination must be declared at the latest at the end of the period of insurance in which the insurer’s withdrawal or termination becomes effective.(3) The insurer’s right to withdraw from the contract shall be ruled out if the policyholder breached his duty of disclosure neither intentionally nor by acting with gross negligence. In such cases the insurer shall have the right to terminate the contract subject to a notice period of one month.

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(2) If a third party has been designated as a beneficiary, the appointment shall be deemed not to have occurred if the third party intentionally caused the insured event through an unlawful act.(6) Beschränkungen der Vollmacht des Handelsvertreters braucht ein Dritter gegen sich nur gelten zu lassen, wenn er sie kannte oder kennen musste.

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Hat nach dem Eintritt eines Versicherungsfalles in der Haftpflichtversicherung der Versicherer seine Verpflichtung zur Leistung der Entschädigung dem Versicherungsnehmer gegenüber anerkannt oder die Leistung der fälligen Entschädigung verweigert, so ist jeder Teil (sowohl Versicherer als auch Versicherungsnehmer!) berechtigt, das Versicherungsverhältnis zu kündigen. Das Gleiche gilt, wenn der Versicherer dem Versicherungsnehmer die Weisung erteilt, es über den Anspruch des Dritten zum Rechtsstreit kommen zu lassen. Diese Regelung gilt nicht für Bündelprodukte (z.B. Haushaltsversicherung)!Agreements deviating from section 3 (1) to (4), section 5 (1) to (3), sections 6 to 9, section 11 (2) to (4), section 14 (2), first sentence, and section 15 to the detriment of the policyholder shall not be permitted.- taking into account all circumstances – the payment of compensation, especially with regard to the lost commissions from commercial transactions with the customers of the Commercial Agent, is in accordance with equity [=fairness].(2) Has the Commercial Agent, who is entrusted with the intermediation of transactions only, entered into a business on behalf of the Principal with a Third5 Party, such shall be considered approved by the Principal, if the latter not immediately after he has become aware of the completion of the transaction, declares to the Third Party that he opposes the transaction.

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(2) If the insurer refuses performance, the policyholder may terminate the contract. The right to terminate the contract shall lapse if it is not exercised within one month after the time when the policyholder receives the insurer’s decision to refuse performance.(1) If the insurance agreement ends upon the death of the policyholder, the insured persons shall be entitled to declare the continuation of the insurance agreement by appointing the future policyholder within two months following the death of the policyholder.(3) The right of termination in accordance with subsections (1) and (2) shall lapse if it is not exercised within one month after the insurer learns of the aggravation of the risk insured or if the state of affairs which existed prior to the aggravation is re-established.

If land charges, annuity rent charges and other charges on land have been taken out on the real property, sections 142 to 147 shall apply mutatis mutandis.(4) If a provision in the insurer’s general terms and conditions of insurance has been declared void by a decision of one of the highest courts or by a final administrative act, section 164 shall apply.(3) The period of notice must be the same for both contracting parties; it may not be less than one month and no more than three months.~ Ablauf des Vertrags gemäß § 14 KHVG (Kündigungsfrist: 1 Monat) ~ Kündigung gemäß § 14a KHVG (Kündigungsfrist: 1 Monat ab Mitteilung) ~ Das versicherte Kraftfahrzeug wurde behördlich abgemeldet und verkauft (keine

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(2) Subsection (1) shall apply mutatis mutandis if the insurer reduces the scope of the insurance cover on the basis of an adjustment clause without reducing the premium accordingly.(2) If the insurer is entitled to reduce the benefits payable, he may also reduce the amount of the expenses reimbursed in accordance with subsection (1) accordingly. § 8 Abs. 3 VersVG: Ist der Versicherungsnehmer Verbraucher im Sinne des KschG, so kann er ein Versicherungsverhältnis, das für eine Dauer von mehr als 3 Jahren abgeschlossen wurde, zum Ende des dritten Jahres oder jedes darauffolgenden Jahres mit einer Frist von 1 Monat schriftlich kündigen (1) If no specific means of transport has been agreed for the forwarding of the goods, the policyholder, insofar as he has any influence thereupon, shall be obligated to use a means of transport which is suited to taking on board and transporting the goods.

(1) The policyholder may revoke his contractual agreement within 14 days. The policyholder shall declare his revocation to the insurer in writing, but need not state any reason; timely dispatch shall suffice for compliance with the time limit.If the sum insured is considerably less than the insurable value upon the occurrence of the insured event, the insurer shall only be liable in the proportion that the sum insured bears to this value.Section 113 Compulsory insurance Section 114 Scope of the insurance cover Section 115 Direct claim Section 116 Joint and several debtors Section 117 Liability towards third parties Section 118 Order of precedence of several claims Section 119 Third party’s incidental obligations Section 120 Non-observance of an incidental obligation by the third party Section 121 Offsetting against third parties Section 122 Sale of the insured object Section 123 Recourse in the case of several insured parties Section 124 Extent of legal force(1) In the event of the non-observance of an incidental obligation which the policyholder must fulfil vis-à-vis the insurer prior to the occurrence of an insured event, the insurer may terminate the contract without prior notice within one month after learning of the non-observance, unless the non-observance was not intentional or based on gross negligence.

(2) Unless otherwise agreed, the Commercial Agent can claim a commission fee for each transaction concluded through his activities. If there does not exist a different trade practice for the relevant business sector the entitlement for the commission will not be received through a mere nomination of the Third Party.(6) In the case of subsection (4), second sentence, leading to an increase in the insurance premium of more than 10 per cent on account of an alteration of the contract, or if the insurer refuses to cover the risk for the undisclosed circumstance, the policyholder may terminate the contract without prior notice within one month of receipt of the insurer’s communication. The insurer shall notify the policyholder of this right in the communication.

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Erhöht der Versicherungsnehmer ohne Einwilligung des Versicherers die Gefahr oder lässt eine Gefahrenerhöhung vornehmen, so kann der Versicherer das Versicherungsverhältnis ohne Einhaltung einer Kündigungsfrist kündigen. Beruht die Verletzung nicht auf einem Verschulden des Versicherungsnehmers, so muss dieser die Kündigung erst mit dem Ablauf eines Monats gegen sich gelten lassen. Das Kündigungsrecht erlischt, wenn es nicht innerhalb eines Monats von dem Zeitpunkt an ausgeübt wird, in welchem der Versicherer von der Erhöhung der Gefahr Kenntnis erlangt, oder wenn der Zustand wiederhergestellt ist, der vor der Erhöhung bestanden hat. (1) For transactions that were concluded after termination of the contract, a commission is due to the Commercial Agent if and when

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(4) Where the tax authorities are appointed as heir, they shall not be entitled to benefit within the meaning of subsection (2), first sentence.(4) The condition on which the insurer’s entire or partial release from liability in accordance with subsection (2) is based shall, in the event of a violation of an existing duty to provide information or duty of disclosure after the occurrence of an insured event, be the fact that the insurer instructed the policyholder in separate correspondence and in writing of this legal consequence.(3) If the contract of insurance provides that when the policyholder reaches a certain age or when other preconditions referred to therein are met the premium for another age or another age group applies or the premium is calculated taking old age reserves into account, the policyholder may terminate the insurance agreement with regard to the affected insured person within two months after the change with effect from the time it became effective if the premium increases as a result.(3) The insurer shall only be liable towards the policyholder if the insured person has given his consent to the insurance.

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VbR [V E R S I C H E R U N G S R E C H T ] Anmerkung: Ü. VbR 2013/15 § 154 Abs 2, § 158 e VersVG OGH 23. 1. 2013, 7 Ob 189/12 p Anerkenntnisverbo The insurer shall be obligated to provide confirmation of declaration to a mortgage creditor who has declared his mortgage and, upon request, to disclose information regarding the existence of insurance cover and regarding the amount of the sum insured.(2) The provisions of the Insurance Supervision Act in respect of the effects of the opening of insolvency proceedings shall remain unaffected.

(1) The insurer may only acquire personal health-related data from doctors, hospitals and other health institutions, care homes and nursing staff, other insurers of persons and statutory health insurers as well as social insurances for occupational accidents and public authorities; this shall only be permissible insofar as the knowledge of the data is necessary to assess the risk to be insured or the liability, and the affected person has given his consent.die dem Handelsvertreter zukommende Provision ungebührlich schmälert oder vorenthält oder andere wesentliche Vertragsbestimmungen verletzt, oder Versicherungsvertragsgesetz hält zur Feuerversicherung (§96 VersVG), zur Hagelversicherung (§113) sowie in der Haftpflichtversicherung (§158) beiderseitige Kündigungsrechte im Schadensfalle (3) Die nach einer Teilkündigung verbleibende Monatsprämie darf Euro 20,- nicht unterschreiten. (4). (3) Where the insurer is not obligated to effect payment, he must pay the surrender value plus surplus sharing in accordance with section 169.(5) If the insurer has reserved the right to limit the termination of a contract to individual insured persons or tariffs and he avails himself of this possibility, the policyholder may demand that the remaining share of the insurance be rescinded within two weeks after receipt of the termination to such time as the termination takes effect. The first sentence shall apply mutatis mutandis if the insurer declares the avoidance or rescission of the policy possible only for individual insured persons or tariffs. In such cases the policyholder may demand that the contract be rescinded to the end of the month in which he receives the insurer’s declaration.

(1) The insurance shall also cover the judicial and extra-judicial costs arising from claims asserted by a third party insofar as the circumstances necessitate the expenditure. Further, the insurance covers expenses incurred on the instruction of the insurer by defence counsel in criminal proceedings initiated on the basis of an act which could result in the policyholder becoming liable vis-à-vis a third party. At the policyholder’s request the insurer shall advance the costs.(3) The provisions of this Division shall also apply insofar as the contract of insurance grants cover in excess of the prescribed minimum requirements.(3) In those cases described under subsection (2), the insurance shall cover the costs of the reloading or the temporary storage as well as the additional costs of the reforwarding.(1) Insurance taken out for an aggregate of items covers each individual item belonging to the aggregate of items.

(3) In case the parties agree on longer periods than in para 1, the period that has to be kept by the Principal may not be shorter than that of the Commercial Agent; in case of non-compliance also the longer period of the Commercial Agent applies to the Principal. §61 VersVG 12 392 Art. 8 Abs. 1 Z. 1 AKHB 5 155 §§ 1, 156 Abs. 3 VersVG, §63 Abs.1 KFG 5 155 §12 Abs. 1,§ 158 f VersVG, §10 EO 5 155 Art. 2 Abs. 3 lit. c AEB1971 5 155 §§ 69-71 VersVG 5 156 §12 Abs. 3, §§ 23, 25, 29 VersVG, Art. 7 AKHB, §2 Z. 14 KFG 5 158 Art. 1 Abs. 2 AKHB, § 158 f VersVG 5 15 (4) Die §§ 26a bis 26d, sowie §§ 27 Abs. 1 und 28 Abs. 1 in der Fassung BGBl. I Nr. 103/2006 treten mit 1. Juli 2006 in Kraft. Sie sind mit Ausnahme von § 26c, der erst auf nach dem 31. Dezember 2006 abgeschlossene Verträge zwischen Versicherungsvertretern und Unternehmern anzuwenden ist, auf bestehende Vertragsverhältnisse anzuwenden.

(2) If the contractual relationship is terminated through the bankruptcy proceedings before the end of the specific time, for which it was entered into, or a notice period was agreed upon in the agreement the Commercial Agent can claim damages caused to him.(2) Ist der Versicherungsvertreter nach einer mit dem Unternehmer getroffenen schriftlichen Vereinbarung zur Betreuung von Versicherungsnehmern verpflichtet und erhält er dafür eine Provision (Betreuungsprovision) oder ein entsprechendes sonstiges Entgelt, besteht kein Anspruch auf Fortzahlung dieser Provision oder dieses Entgelts nach Beendigung des Vertragsverhältnisses zwischen Versicherungsvertreter und Unternehmer.§ 16 VersVG: Hat der Versicherungsnehmer schuldhaft gefahrenerhebliche Umstände nicht oder unrichtig angezeigt, oder sich arglistig der Kenntnis eines solchen Umstandes entzogen, so kann der Versicherer vom Vertrag  zurücktreten. We are sorry. Your IP is banned, please try again later 191 CF Cum On Over by S33K3R B.I (김한빈 , Kim HanBin) Текст песни Demo. 1: 살아야겠지 너는 곁에 없지만 / 아니 곁에 없던 건 내가 먼저였었다 / 애서 참아야겠지 많이 눈물겹지만 oh / 내 모든 말이 핑계.. The US Air Force is sending six B-52 Stratofortress long-range bombers to Diego Garcia, a secretive military outpost in the Indian Ocean, as tension soars in the wake of a US assassination strike on a.. (1) If the policyholder has not informed the insurer of a change of address, the dispatch of a letter sent recorded delivery to the policyholder’s last known address shall suffice in respect of a declaration of intention to be made to the policyholder. The declaration shall be deemed to have been received three days after the letter was dispatched. The first and second sentences shall apply mutatis mutandis in respect of a change of the policyholder’s name.

Zahlscheinentgelt-Verbot gilt auch für Versicherer | SNKONSUMENTZVers Heft 1 | 2019 by Linde Verlag GmbH - IssuuGerhard Kofler Beeideter Sachverständiger - ppt herunterladen

CS C191. Quantum Information Science and Technology. Also listed as: CHEM C191, PHYSICS C191. Class Schedule (Spring 2020 Fill in correct contact (Email ID and Mobile Number) information as your Application No / all further communications will be sent to your registered email address / Mobile number. There is NO option to.. In the most general terms, the goal of Physics 191/247 is to engage you in the practice and discussion of experimental scientific research. After this course, you will have a diverse set of experimental skills.. INFORMATION. This site is hosted at multiple locations for redundancy should any go down. Current domains or locations: Support the Internet Bill of Rights Vanquish the Panopticon of Ads Support.. (7) In the case of cost-of-illness insurance in the basic tariff in accordance with section 12 of the Insurance Supervision Act, the service-provider may also assert his claim to remuneration for services provided against the insurer insofar as the insurer is obligated by the insurance agreement to effect payment. The insurer and the policyholder shall be liable as joint and several debtors as concerns the obligation incumbent on the insurer to effect payment emanating from the insurance agreement.the Commercial Agent has terminated or prematurely dissolved the contract, unless the Principal has given the Commercial Agent reason for this through attributable circumstances, even if these do not constitute important reasons pursuant to Section 22, or a continuation of his activities cannot be expected due to his age or illness or infirmity, or(4) The compensation – in the absence of a more favourable agreement for the Commercial Agent – amounts, to a remuneration of no more than one year, which is calculated from the average of the last five years. Has the contract lasted less than five years, the average for the entire duration of the contract shall prevail.(1) Where the policyholder is obligated to pay the third party a pension, the insurer shall only be liable to pay a pro-rata share of the pension if the sum insured is not equal to the capital value of the pension.

The Austrian Legal System and Laws: a Brief Overview by Johannes Oehlboeck and Immanuel Gerstner, published on GlobaLex, June 2005 (GlobaLex is an electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law Section 192 Typical obligations incumbent on the insurer Section 193 Insured person; obligatory insurance Section 194 Applicable provisions Section 195 Period of insurance Section 196 Time limit on daily sickness allowance insurance Section 197 Qualifying periods Section 198 Supplementary insurance for children Section 199 Public servants entitled to sickness allowance Section 200 Prohibition of enrichment Section 201 Causing an insured event Section 202 Insurer’s duty to provide information; costs of ascertaining the loss Section 203 Adjustment of premium and conditions Section 204 Change of tariff Section 205 Termination of the contract by the policyholder Section 206 Termination by the insurer Section 207 Continuation of the insurance agreement Section 208 Deviating agreements

(4) The obligation under subsection (1), first sentence, shall also apply after the contract has been made for the entire term of the insurance agreement insofar as it is clear that the insurer recognises that the policyholder requires information and advice. The policyholder may in individual cases waive the right to advice by written declaration. (1) The claim for commission shall become due6 with the legal effectiveness of the intermediated transaction between the Principal and the Third Party, if and when(2) As an important reason that allows the Principal for early dissolution of the contractual relationship, is in particular to be considered: (1) In the absence of other agreement the amount of the commission depends on the normal rates of the respective business sector at the establishment of the Commercial Agent.                                             (abgeschlossen vor dem 1.4.1994)

If the policyholder gives notice of the occurrence of an insured event, the insurer shall provide him with information in writing regarding the contractual preconditions for a claim and due dates, as well as deadlines which must be adhered to. Should this information not be provided, the insurer may not refer to any failure to meet a deadline. The provisions of this Federal Law will also apply to the intermediation and conclusion of insurance contracts by insurance Representatives (Insurance Agents) in accordance with Sections 26b to 26d.(1) In the event of a subsequent premium not being paid in good time, the insurer shall remain obligated to effect payment to a mortgage creditor who has declared his mortgage up until one month after the time when the mortgage creditor was informed of the setting of the deadline for payment or, if this information was not communicated, notification has been given of the termination of the contract.(2) Assignment of the right of recourse to the third party may not be ruled out by the general terms and conditions of insurance.

Teil 3. Schlussvorschriften (§§ 209 - 216) § 209 Rückversicherung, Seeversicherung § 210 Großrisiken, laufende Versicherung § 211 Pensionskassen, kleinere Versicherungsvereine, Versicherungen mit kleineren Beträgen § 212 Fortsetzung der Lebensversicherung nach der Elternzei (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), second sentence, the insurer shall be obligated to effect payment if he knew of the sale at such time as he should have received the disclosure, or if at the time of the occurrence of the insured event the time limit for the insurer to terminate the contract had expired and he did not terminate the contract.(2) If a ship is insured against the risks of inland waterway transportation, the insurer shall bear all the risks to which the ship is exposed throughout the period of cover. The insurer shall also be liable for that loss incurred by the policyholder as a result of a collision between ships or a collision with fixed or floating objects on account of having to replace loss incurred by a third party.

(2) The consent required in accordance with subsection (1) may be given prior to the submission of the contractual acceptance. The affected person shall be informed prior to the data referred to in subsection (1) being acquired; he may object to the data being acquired.(2) If the policyholder recognises after the fact that he has aggravated or permitted an aggravation of the risk insured without the consent of the insurer, he must disclose the aggravation of the risk insured to the insurer without undue delay.

Section 125 Insurer’s liability Section 126 Claims processing company Section 127 Freedom of choice of lawyer Section 128 Procedure for calling in expert opinion Section 129 Deviating agreements(2) If the single premium or first premium has not been paid when the insured event occurs, the insurer shall not be obligated to effect payment, unless the policyholder is not responsible for the non-payment. The insurer shall only be released from liability if he had informed the policyholder of the legal consequence of non-payment of the premium in writing in a separate communication or by means of a conspicuous note in the insurance policy.(1) The restrictions on the freedom of contract under this Act shall not apply to jumbo risks or to open policies.Section 1 Typical obligations Section 2 Retroactive insurance Section 3 Insurance policy Section 4 Insurance policy issued in the name of the holder Section 5 Deviating insurance policy Section 6 Advising the policyholder Section 7 Information provided to the policyholder Section 8 Policyholder’s right of revocation Section 9 Legal consequences of revocation Section 10 Commencement and expiry of insurance Section 11 Renewal, termination of the contract Section 12 Period of insurance Section 13 Change of address and name Section 14 Due date of cash benefit Section 15 Suspension of limitation period Section 16 Insurer’s insolvency Section 17 Prohibition of assignment of things exempt from seizure Section 18 Deviating agreements

Sections 150 to 170 shall apply mutatis mutandis to occupational disability insurance insofar as this does not conflict with the specific nature of this insurance.(1) Notwithstanding section 19 (2), the insurer shall not be permitted to rescind in the event of a breach of the duty of disclosure; the insurer may terminate the contract within one month after learning of the non-disclosure or incorrect disclosure of the circumstance, and may refuse performance. The insurer shall remain obligated to effect payment if the non-disclosure or incorrect disclosure of the circumstance was not the cause of the occurrence of the insured event or of the extent of the obligation to effect payment.(4) In the case of a life insurance concluded by the employer for the benefit of this employees, the insurer shall inform the insured person in writing of the setting of the payment deadline in accordance with section 38 (1) and of the fact that the insurance is being converted, and he shall grant to them a payment period of no less than two months.(3) The subrogation is effected by giving notice thereof to the insurer. The notification may only be made within one month after the time when the person entitled to subrogate learns of the attachment or after the insolvency proceedings have been opened.(4) Notwithstanding Sections 14 and 15 the settlement of the commission claims has to be undertaken by the insurer maximally one month after the commission claim has arisen. The maturity occurs on the date on which the settlement is made or at the latest has to be carried out.

In the case of the sale of an insured ship, the insurance shall end, notwithstanding section 95, when the ship is transferred to the buyer, in the case of ships en route when the ship is transferred to the buyer at the port of destination. VIIInhaltsverzeichnis 3. Lebensversicherung (§ 165 a VersVG).. 56 4. Rücktrittsrechte außerhalb des VersVG. (2) The value determined in accordance with subsection (1) shall also be deemed to be the insurable value upon occurrence of the insured event.§ 70 Abs. 1 VersVG: Wird die versicherte Sache vom Versicherungsnehmer veräußert, so ist der Versicherer berechtigt, dem Erwerber das Versicherungsverhältnis unter Einhaltung einer Frist von einem Monat zu kündigen. Das Kündigungsrecht erlischt, wenn der Versicherer es nicht innerhalb eines Monats vom Zeitpunkt an ausübt, in welchem er von der Veräußerung Kenntnis erlangt hat.

Download our svg files and cut them with your electronic cutting machine. Choose from the svg files that we offer below. Brunch Club SVG File. Farm Fresh Christmas Trees SVG File. Santa's Little Helper SVG File. Cuddle Weather SVG File. Sleigh All Day SVG File. Santa I Know Him SVG File. Gangsta Wrappa SVG File (1) Where continuous insurance premiums are payable, the policyholder may terminate the insurance policy at any time to the end of the current period of insurance.to give to the Commercial Agent the necessary documents and all necessary information for the conduct of his business,(1) In the case of daily sickness allowance insurance, it may be agreed that the insurance expires when the insured person reaches the age of 65. The policyholder may in such cases demand that the insurer accept an application to take out a new daily sickness allowance to commence after he reaches the age of 65 and to expire when he reaches the age of 70 at the latest. The insurer shall notify the policyholder of this right in writing six months at the earliest before the insurance expires, enclosing the text of this provision. If the application is made before two months have elapsed after the policyholder reaches the age of 65, the insurer shall grant the insurance cover without risk assessment or qualifying periods insofar as the insurance cover is not higher or more comprehensive than under the previous tariff.Section 74 Overinsurance Section 75 Underinsurance Section 76 Agreed value Section 77 Several insurers Section 78 Liability in the case of multiple insurance Section 79 Elimination of the multiple insurance Section 80 Lack of insured interest Section 81 Causing the insured event Section 82 Loss avoidance and minimisation Section 83 Reimbursement of expenses Section 84 Drawing on an expert Section 85 Costs of establishing the loss Section 86 Assignment of claims Section 87 Deviating agreementsUnless otherwise agreed, the insurable value – where the insurance refers to an item or an aggregate of items – shall be deemed to be the amount which the policyholder must spend upon occurrence of the insured event to replace or to restore the insured property to mint condition, minus the reduced market value resulting from the difference between old and new.

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