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This card says “after you summon”, therefore it should work with ALL type of minion invocations. (n’zoth, resurrect, multiple summons, etc).Emperor Thaurissan reduction on at least 2 cards is required Your hero must have at least 17 health if you use MistressWell, this just shows how much design space was opened up by sending sylvanus to wild. I have a feeling deathrattle priest is going to quite opressive. Sherazin's dormant state is a permanent card, meaning that it is untargetable and immune to all external effects. For details, see Permanent.; The phrase Go dormant in the card text suggests Sherazin doesn't really die. However, triggering Sherazin's Deathrattle still counts as a death event, for the purposes of cards such as N'Zoth.; If Sherazin's Deathrattle is triggered before dying. Honestly pair with baron in wild and at vert least you get 3 deathrattle triggers depending on how it interacts you may get 4

You forgot, Twilight Summoner. 馃檪 But still I feel this card might turn out quite mediocre. All 10+ combinations seem a bit far fetched. You want to trigger deathrattles worth at least 2 mana with this card. (1 to compensate for card stats, 1 to compensate for running this combo card)So the only reliable combos (in standard) appear to be: Highmane, Cairne, Aya, Jade Swarmer and Twilight Summoner. Also you could throw in a few “Draw a Card” effects.You got it backwards lol she will work on all deathrattles you bring out playing them still summons them it’s if it say you need too play them then there a problem she works on everything like nzoth or other stuff that make DR stuff so ya it works with living mana kinda in a op way cus you get full mana right after all the tokens die thenSpiritsinger Umbra is a card with a potentially very powerful effect. It should be saved for turns when you can play a powerful Deathrattle minion in the same turn as opponents will attempt to remove Spiritsinger Umbra immediately due to the huge threat it represents.

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Already been playing Jade Rogue for a bit now and after seeing this i can come to terms with my Unearthed Raptors going out of standard. This will take the place of Brann in the deck currently and Mimic Pod will take the place of the Raptors for the extra draw and hell even more jade units or return to hand cards to work with Aya and Jade Spirit.This card is definitely going to be a staple in the dearthrattle priest archetype with the quest. Although it does not synergize directly with the quest, it will give so much more value to the deathrattle minions played. Umbra's javascript library makes integrating 3D models on any website simple and fast. It ships with three.js bindings, allowing web developers to integrate directly with the most popular 3D framework today. Launching in late Q2-19 with selected partners, request early access today. Request early access. Low-level SDK for deep integration So maybe it leads to a Control-“Deattrattle Hunter”. (but Control-hunter never worked out so far) In Jade-Rogue it compensates for the rotation of “Unearthed Raptor”. (the deck was never really good with raptor in the rotation). And maybe any deck that runs a couple of the above minions, to get the combo of reliably. Still I feel there are unfairer things to play for 10 mana. Might be ok, but at the time probably not a “must-craft” card. 4/5 seems reasonble. The umbra is the darkest type of shadow. Like any other opaque objects illuminated by a light source, the Moon and the Earth cast shadows into space as they block the sunlight that hits them. Each shadow has 3 different areas: the umbra, the penumbra, and the antumbra. Umbra Definition. The umbra is a shadow's dark core

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Spiritsinger Umbra + Innervate X2 + Living Mana on turn 5 = Astral Communion that fills your board with 2/2s Last edited by cuzimawsum on May 26, 2017 Rollback Post to Revision RollBac 3) this card is really situational and combo oriented (Firey bat alone, for example, will not be that good).

- Any minions played after Spiritsinger Umbra will see their Deathrattle effects go off immediately. In this deck those cards are Mistress of Mixtures , Plated Beetle , Carnivorous Cube , Possessed Lackey and Voidlord However, I believe the minions that Living Mana creates DO have Deathrattle: Gain an Empty Mana Crystal. I didn’t look before responding, but I’m almost certain that’s the case.

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  1. I don't think Sylvanas was sent to wild because of this card. A 10 mana 2 legendary combo that doesn't even win you the game and has serious hard counters like twisting nether isn't quite enough to banish Sylvanas imo.
  2. yes it does work since the Living Mana spell creates 22 treants that have “deathrattle- gain a mana crystal”
  3. Spiritsinger Umbra is a 4 cost Legendary card from the set Journey to Un'Goro
  4. level 27 points 路 3 years agoThis card is obnoxious in wild with Dr Boom and Sneeds (in ramp druid) I love it

Warlock farms paladins all day and against Tempo mage Cube is bad but Classic control is more solid to the point the mage needs an insanely strong start to have a chance, if you get the lackeys down on 5 and then you have some healing in mistress, spellstone and siphon soul you're golden, the mage just runs out of gas and if they already have aluneth on they'll just fatigue super easily, as. Multiple copies of Spiritsinger Umbra stack, triggering Deathrattles once per copy. Deathrattles triggered by Spiritsinger Umbra are doubled by Baron Rivendare's ongoing effect. Pyros and The Skeleton Knight (if the Joust is won) will return to your hand when played; they will not generate additional copies of themselves

This isn’t a gender/sex thing. It looks like a female turtle. Sylvanas is a ‘she’ and LeeRoy is a ‘he’. Is that a problem?My first thought! I’ve climbed ladder with a dreadsteed n’zoth noggenfogger deck. This makes the combo so much easier!

This is why sylvanas is no longer in standard. Lol I’ll be doing that in wild. Oh and with that double deathrattle card!Living mana is what I’m talking about. That way you are guaranteed the mana back in case of a silence, polymorph, etc, and you can set up lethal with cards like savage roar next turn.Mana Cost: 4Attack: 3Health: 4Type: MinionRarity: LegendaryClass: NeutralText: After you summon a minion, trigger its Deathrattle effect.Spiritsinger Umbra is a neutral minion. This card was introduced with Journey to Un'Goro and can now only be obtained through crafting. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.level 263 points 路 3 years agoThink of it this way. Umbra has enough reach to be a day 1 craft. It'll be seen all over for the next two years.

Thijs' OTK Cube Warlock ft. Spiritsinger Umbra, Carnivorous Cube Player: Thijsnl - Published: December 13, 2017 - Updated: 2 years ago - Dust Cost: 9,620 Twee Neutral Legendary #1: Spiritsinger Umbra. Spiritsinger Umbra is a four mana 3/4 that turns Deathrattles into Battlecries. When you play a Deathrattle minion with Spiritsinger in play, their Deathrattle will go off. This does not remove the Deathrattle however, meaning that effect will trigger twice. Once when the minion enters, once when it leaves Spiritsinger Umbra is a minion for use by any class. She was introduced with the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Low / Low / Low After you summon a minion, trigger its Deathrattle effect Really looking forward trying to make some N’zoth type of Deck with this. The extra Deathrattle effects triggering because of this Card should make some valuable but more importantly entertaining plays. (Patch Duplicates created by Doppelgangster will now correctly trigger their Val'anyr Deathrattles while Spiritsinger Umbra is in play.

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Spiritsinger Umbra Class Neutral Rarity: Legendary Card type: Minion Set: Journey to Un'Goro Crafting cost: 1600 Manacost: 4 She sees the fate of anyone she meets, but it's always the same: dinosaur attack Also just a random thought, I’m pretty sure you could play this with that Druid card that makes your mana into minions, so when you play umbra plus that card, you instantly get a board of 6 2/2s on turn 9 and refill your mana for the next turn without needing them to die.Played = Played from your hand. Summoned = Any type of minion that enters the field through any possible way.level 21 point 路 3 years agoI think we'll always play Barnes over this card and the deathrattle classes are getting 3 drops with essentially the same effect. Far from a staple in my opinion. Spiritsinger Umbra is the leader of the tortollans of Un'Goro Crater in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion for Hearthstone


I agree. It’s clearly not as good as the two others, and whether or not it is playable the meta will decide. I will definitely try it out, and as much as I love the value game (and this seems like it can provide some value), I don’t expect much out of this. I just had to mention that you hadn’t taken that pseudo-taunt consideration into account as it provides an upside to the card. Forgot your password? Miracle Rogue also sees a bump in power as you’ll be able to get an extra coin or toxin from Xaril. Problem is whether or not you want to take a card slot for this, as another spell might be better. Heck, even Counterfeit Coin will serve about the same purpose minus the body.

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  1. The number of golems you can summon by deathrattle will only increase by 1 (if you have 2x swarmer and 1x aya), because of raptor rotating out, additionally jade rogue loses brann, so it shouldn’t be much better than before, but we will see.
  2. ions you have drafted will rarely be worth the loss of tempo incurred as a result.
  3. The card certainly is not bad, but simply not on the level of Brann or Fendral and tempoing it out seems more dangerous, due the two points above.
  4. ion and the card reads: After you summon a

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level 23 points 路 3 years agoDo we have enough deathrattles in standard after the rotation to consistently trigger the effect?1) Just think of it: Umbra + Sylvanas Umbra + Highmane Umbra + Cairne Umbra + Aya Umbra + Moat Lurker on a friendly Deathrattle minion And that’s just standard (except for sylvanas) This card should have been (5) 4/5.There’s but a few decks that won’t benefit from this card, which makes it a must craft i’m afraid, even though it’s a goddamn turtle witch, and i hate the art.

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level 23 points 路 3 years agoMajor difference- anyone who bought the adventure got Brann. This will have to be crafted.Dreadsteeds are TGT, so they're rotating out of standard anyway. But yes, this says 'summon' rather than 'play', so if you dropped this and then a dreadsteed on an empty board, you'd fill the board with dreadsteeds immediately.After Doyle and Eddie spent a few days in a murloc village atop the back of a gentle megasaur, Umbra shouted something to the murloc leader and pointed in the direction of the volcano in the center of Un'Goro, causing the entire village to begin moving in that direction. When they arrived at the foot of the volcano, Umbra took the two explorers aside and told them to climb the "fire mountain" to see "the truth", leaving Eddie to wonder what she meant.

Moat lurker seems cute, but then you are counting on the opponent not beeing able to clear a high threat minion on 10 mana… In Hearthstone's Standard multiplayer matchmaking mode, only cards from the last two calendar years along with the standard base cards can be used This card is just a deathrattle brann that costs 1 extra mana. You will not want to just play it alone most of the time, this and a deathrattle card for immediate value. Deathrattles are usually better than battlecries so the 1 extra mana is compensated in my opinion, a card that will see a lot of play.I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

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View entire discussion ( 249 comments)More posts from the JUGPRDT communityContinue browsing in r/JUGPRDTr/JUGPRDTWelcome to JUGPRDT155MembersSpiritsinger Umbra is the leader of the tortollans of Un'Goro Crater in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion for Hearthstone. Battlecries happen before the minion is actually summoned, think of them as happening on the minion’s way to the battlefield. So this should work the way we want it to with moat lurker Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

Except Living Mana doesn’t say “Deathrattle”, it says “recover the mana when they die” which technically isn’t the same. Maybe THIS is why they chose this verbiage for Living Mana and Spikeridged Steed; to avoid abuse.I think Moat Lurker’s deathrattle won’t trigger, since he gains it after he gets summoned. But I’m not sure.Yes but both Brann and Fendral have good stats for the cost. 4 Mana, 3/5, Pseudo-Taunt, rivals Sen’jin and 3 Mana, 2/4, Pseudo-Taunt, rivals Squirming Tentacle (which is terrible, but still a card) This makes both of them playable on curve, without feeling to bad, if you face aggro.

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  1. I don’t think it’s really broken unless your opponent can’t kill it. You’ll likely only get one use out of it before it dies, in which case it is similar to a neutral Terrorscale Stalker. It does demand a response, but I don’t think it is broken any more than Brann. It is a great card and will definitely impact the meta, but I don’t think she’s broken.
  2. Neither of you have taken the Brann Bronzebeard and Fandral Steighelm effect into consideration. It is a “must remove instantly or it might spiral out of control” card. Play this on an empty board and your opponent might use good removal to get rid of it.
  3. If this spell creates Mana Treants then I wonder why they didn’t just say that on the card. Of course, I don’t think they did with the Spikeridged Steed, either.
  4. - Spiritsinger Umbra can be combo'd with Carnivorous Cube to incredible effect. Consider having Doomcaller or Voidlord on the board, for example. If you play the Spiritsinger followed by the Cube, the Cube's targets will be immediately summoned. There's the potential for huge value to be achieved in this context
  5. These are the kinds of cards I like; the ones which don’t try to shove a mechanic down your throat but instead allows for plenty of creativity c:
  6. ion, trigger its Deathrattle effect. Card Image Sourc
  7. 2) If you want to trigger 1 deathrattle (like sylvanas), why don’t you just use Terrorscale Stalker? (3) 3/3 is better than a (4) 3/4.

level 1Moderator of r/JUGPRDT, speaking officiallyScore hidden 路 3 years ago 路 Stickied commentAll memes and low-effort comments should be posted as a reply to this comment. Low-effort comments and memes outside of this thread will be removed. For more info check out this post. The list also includes Spiritsinger Umbra, which has plenty of synergy in the deck and can enable strong mid-late game swing turns. The Miracle Rogue archetype continues to be a bit of a mixed bag. While its win rate is significantly hurt by early expansion experimentation, Miracle Rogue may still struggle to find a niche in the metagame even. Spiritsinger Umbra is a card with a potentially very powerful effect. It should be saved for turns when you can play a powerful Deathrattle minion in the same turn as opponents will attempt to remove Spiritsinger Umbra immediately due to the huge threat it represents

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In a single turn. For 10 mana. If Spiritsinger Umbra is in play as well, you get two more Doomguards to hit for 25 health. You can also mitigate the Doomguard's battlecry by using cards like Possessed Lackey and Skull of the Man'ari to Recruit it. The same cards can also help you sneak a Voidlord out early as well, letting you fire off this. level 2224 points 路 3 years agoHuh, it does say summon, not play. That's really crazy in that case.

I don’t think this’ll work with Moat Lurker, but it could. Depends on the ordering; if battlecries activate before this card, it’ll activate. If they don’t, it won’t work.4) This card is good with many small deathrattle minions. This is a good hunter card that is not too aggresive.‘Livings mana’ is a spell that ‘plays’ minions, this card will only work from minions that are ‘summoned’ – minion played from the hand. Wish it would be that way though

In Constructed, Spiritsinger Umbra can be used in any deck that features a large number of Deathrattle minions. Sylvanas was sent to wild because it's a consistently good neutral legendary that beats out other cards in that slot time and time again in decks that had no deathrattle synergy at all.

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